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Dragon Key Press exists to present the world with new and exciting research into history, esoterica, and Traditionalist thought. Through a series of non-fiction books, booklets, and CDs, we intend to build a substantial catalogue of rare and important material. Through our various publications and other works we shall foster a new intellectual and spiritual renaissance in the West one which we hope will lead to a new golden age.

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07/31/05 The Fall 2005 issue of Paranoia Magazine includes an article by Tracy Twyman entitled, The Magic and Mystery of America's Money. The article is based on a new book Twyman has written, Solomon's Treasure, which will be released by Dragon Key Press hopefully at the end of next month. Please disregard the note at the end of the article stating that the book is available "now." This was an accident due to a miscommunication. Solomon's Treasure is due for release in late August/September of 2005. To receive an announcement upon release, join the Dagobert's Revenge announcement list here.

Description of Solomon's Treasure

06/25/05 New From Dragon Key Press:

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02/18/05 The Arcadian Mystique: The Best of Dagobert's Revenge Magazine is now available and in stock! click here to order.

10/26/04 Announcing Tracy R. Twyman's new book, The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, click here to order.

The Articles page is now fully up and running.

10/19/04 Dagobert's Revenge Vol. 5, #1 and Vol. 3, #2 (SALE) are now available in the Dragon Key Press online catalogue.

10/19/04 The online catalogue is now up. All products should be available to order within a week or two.

10/18/04 Articles have been posted to the Articles page.

09/30/04 The new Dragon Key Press website has now been launched but is still underconstruction check back here soon for more updates.

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