The Missing “Muslim” Jokes in “The Aristocrats”

February 15th, 2006 Rico

We just got through watching “The Aristocrats”.

We’re going to give this at least a “4″ on the Netflix scale.

Not everyone hits a home run. Some totally whiff. Although it starts to seem like it’s going a bit long near the end, there are some real laugh out-loud moments.

But, apart from the question of how good a movie it is or how funny the comedians were, one thing that kept occurring to me is that everyone looked like they felt totally free to say anything they wanted about anything.

And “anything”, of course included numerous riffs on Jesus, Jews, Jews riffing on Jesus, everyone riffing on Jews, profane, filthy, and absolutely totally un-selfconsciously free. There was even one reference to a “Sikh”.( Interestingly, it never occurred to any of these comedians to do any riffs on Muslims. No “Sufi” jokes, even. Hmmm. Interesting.)

As everyone can remember for themselves, the release of the movie did not spark weeks of shirt-rending, political upheaval and violent rampages by Jews or Christians. No rioting. No “apologies” by the heads of state of the U.S., Canada, France. No plans for “movie maker guidelines” from the EU. No denunciations from the U.N or calls for “responsible” movie making.

So, this is just another illustration of the stark contrast between free people and those trapped in a totalitarian mind-prison. Right?

But, as I mentioned above, it’s “interesting”, the “missing” Muslim jokes. These “free-fuckin’-expression-dude-radical-unhinged-let-it-all-hang-out-live-on-the-edge-never-back-down-from-nobody-least-of-all-any-goddamn-fuckin’-religious-fundamentalists” comic artists” couldn’t possibly be self-censoring themselves from saying something that might piss off some crazy Islamofreak who’s gonna stick a knife in their chest? Could they?


Tracy Twyman on the Victoria Taft show

February 15th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

Now for a bit of local Portland flavor (which, incidentally, tastes just like a Starbucks mocha w/ whipped cream) …

I’m scheduled to appear this evening at 8:00 p.m. PST on the Victoria Taft radio show, KPAM 860 AM, in my home town of Portland, Oregon. The topic will be the current wave of Islamic terror hitting websites that have republished the Mohammed cartoons, which this website has been a victim of. There is also a wave of indiscriminate attacks hitting Danish websites, for obvious reasons, as well as websites stationed in Seattle, Washington, because a local paper reprinted the cartoons.

You can listen to the show live by clicking here: [LINK]

You can read Victoria Taft’s blog by going here: [LINK]

I noticed that on her blog she references one of my favorite local blogs, Daniel’s Political Musings, which is headquartered in Sherwood, Oregon, where I used to live and go to high school.

The buried story of the Danish Olympic delegation

February 15th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

So were you aware that the Mohammed cartoon controversy, and the threats of violence that have ensued, force Denmark to only send one team - women’s curling - to the Olympics this year? We heard it on TV last night. The cost of providing enhanced security for the athletes was so great that they decided they would only send the one team that they thought had a good chance of winning a medal. And that was women’s curling. But even the curlers have been getting death threats. This from the AP:

Political controversy intrudes on Denmark’s Olympic curling dream team

PINEROLO, Italy — After women curlers won Denmark’s first ever Winter Olympics medal at Nagano in 1998, Danes would stop team member Dorthe Holm in the streets and interest in the sport soared.

Now, as Holm and four other women try for a medal at the Turin Games, they face a grimmer public spotlight. Angry protests across the Muslim world set off by cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish publication have made them a potential target.

Italian police have beefed up security for the Danes on par with the Israeli and U.S. teams, Danish sports officials said, and international media are begging to interview them.

The controversy is unusual for a slow-moving sport that attracts little publicity. If team members were unnerved, they didn’t show it Saturday as they slid the 42-pound curling stones across the ice during an 80-minute practice session at the Pinerolo venue outside Turin. The Danish queen’s sister, Princess Benedikta, watched from the press stands.

“They’re managing to stay focused,” said Jesper Frigast Larsen, the Danish Olympic delegation’s chef de mission and one of a phalanx of sports officials trying to shield the curlers from the media. “It would be a shame if anything came in the way of that slim chance for a medal.”

But even without the controversy and media glare, the Danish curlers have tread an unusual path to compete for an Olympic medal. The women are the only athletes competing for Denmark in Turin, making them the sole focus of the country’s medal hopes, and the silver at Nagano remains the only medal the country has won at a Winter Games.

“The Danish delegation is the curling team,” said team spokeswoman Eline Andersen. “We have no skier or anyone else.”

Full story here: [LINK]

And by the way, the Danish women’s curling team is kicking ass this year, as is to be expected.

Jihad, the Fragrance

February 14th, 2006 Rico

from Beautiful Atrocities:


…it’s the scent of a thousand years of cultural stagnation
…of getting your ass kicked from Tikrit to Tora Bora
…the menthol tang of your buddy’s shaved-for-martyrdom ass
…the gelignite confidence of a killer as comfortable in Baghdad & Bali
as Madrid & Manhattan
…It’s 7th Century savagery with 21st Century precision
…It’s the horny bouquet of Eternity spent porking 72 virgins whose hymens grow back every time, like those lizards when you cut off their tails, you know the ones I’m talking about.

Jihad le Parfum, by Beautiful Atrocities

And for her: Shariah Feminine Hygiene Spray, because it’s not just good hygiene; it’s the law

Gay Muslim movie coming soon

February 14th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

From Ed Meza at Variety:

New ‘Allah’ doc ready to raise a ruckus
Dubowski vows to screen pic in every Muslim nation

Sandi Dubowski, who won the Teddy gay and lesbian award in 2001 for his controversial doc “Trembling Before G-d,” may cause an even bigger stir with “In the Name of Allah,” which explores the struggles of homosexual Muslims.

Gay Indian Muslim helmer Parvez Sharma is directing the pic, which looks at gay, lesbian, and transgender Muslims across the Muslim and Western worlds.

“The world right now needs to understand Islam, and these are the most unlikely storytellers of Islam,” Dubowski said, who is producing ‘Allah.’

Doc will undoubtedly prove an even thornier film to export than “Trembling.”

Sharma and Dubowski plan to submit the pic to all major festivals in the Muslim world as well as in the West, but if it’s rejected, Dubowski said, “We’ll find ways of screening it in every Muslim nation, even if it’s underground.”

Dubowski already faced problems with the international release of “Trembling Before G-d.” Pic faced protests and bans in South Africa, Mexico and Baltimore.

But Dubowski has managed to open doors in the Hasidic and Orthodox communities in Israel, U.S. and U.K. and has toured the world over the past five years doing 800 live events with diverse religious and secular groups.

That ought to raise a few hackles.

Free People Continue to Express Their Opinions Despite Cowardice of Government and Major Media

February 14th, 2006 Rico

The explosion of creativity by regular people in support of their own freedoms continues.

While western governments continue to cringe in quivering fear, their citizens take the matter into their own hands as they heap well-deserved ridicule upon the “Prophet”. [LINK]


Salute to for sponsoring this.

Plus Ultra attacked by wild-eyed Turks

February 14th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

The Counterterrorism Blog was kind enough to run a report about the Islamic cyberterrorists who attacked our website a few days ago, and about the Islamic hacker forums in Turkey that I’ve caught plotting another attack.

Oooh, a spam attack… I’m scared. What will you do next? Throw eggs at my house?

Go worship the skin folds of a cow covered in afterbirth and leave me alone.

UPDATE: Here’s yet another Islamic cyberterrorist forum that has been discussing Plus Ultra. And this forum is open, so you can just go and read it (provided you can read Turkish):


They have a list of other websites they have in their sights, including zombietime and

Remains of Joan of Arc possibly discovered

February 14th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

From Ingrid Rousseau at The Scotsman:

The burning mystery of Joan of Arc

HE remains omnipresent in the French imagination almost 600 years after her ashes were thought to have been thrown in the Seine.

And now a team of scientists hopes to crack one of the many layers of mystery surrounding Joan of Arc, the 15th-century French warrior-turned-saint: Are the rib and other fragments recovered after she was burned at the stake for heresy really hers?

A few remains were reportedly recovered from the pyre where the 19-year-old was burned alive. A team of 18 experts now plans a battery of tests to determine whether the remains - including a rib bone and some skin - indeed belonged to her. The results, based on recent advances in genetic research, could provide a boost for forensic scientists studying other historical remains.

The tests, which will take six months, will not be able to say with certainty that the remains are Joan of Arc’s, because there is no known DNA sample from her to compare them with, said Dr Philippe Charlier of the Raymond-Poincare Hospital in Garches, west of Paris.

But the analyses will determine with “absolute certitude” if the remains are not hers, he added.

Dr Charlier said Joan of Arc was actually burned three times on 30 May, 1431, following her trial in the Normandy town of Rouen.

She initially died of smoke inhalation, and when she was burned a second time, her internal organs were not fully consumed by the flames. Nothing was said to remain after the third cremation except her ashes.

The rib bone, measuring some 6in, is wrapped in a blackish substance, and is “remarkably well preserved,” Dr Charlier said.

He said they would first use DNA testing to determine whether the rib belonged to a woman. Then they will submit it to other tests to determine its exact age and to build up “a body of presumptions” to show as best as possible that it was Joan of Arc’s, he said.

No DNA comparison can be done with possible descendants since Joan of Arc’s genealogical tree “is probably false,” he said.

Full story here: [LINK]

Your favorite Sunday comics, altered to offend Muslims

February 14th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

This came from Matt Tobey and Josh Abraham at, which is a very funny website that I highly recommend:

Miracle calf born in Egypt; Allah responds to Danish cartoons with a message in the calf’s skin folds

February 13th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

OK, so keep in mind while you’re reading this that the main objection to the Mohammed cartoons was that depicting Mohammed in any way at all is supposedly forbidden in Islam because it is believed that doing so will lead to idolatry. From The Australian:

Thousands flock to see ‘divine’ calf

THOUSANDS of people flocked to southern Egypt today to seek blessing from a calf they believe was born as God’s reply to the publication in Europe of cartoons depicting the prophet, police said.

Some 20,000 people had gathered in front of Mohammed Abu Dif’s house in the village of Tunis to see the holy mammal, whose skin folds when he was born reportedly formed the words “There is no God but Allah”, a police official said on condition of anonymity.

He said the villagers flocked from all over the southern governorate of Sohag to the farmer’s house and had to be dispersed by police, who feared the gathering could get out of control.

Witnesses said they believed the calf was “Allah’s response to current attacks against Islam”, the official said.

He was referring to the publication in a Danish daily five months ago of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, which is banned in Islam.

The revelers then sacrificed the animal in a bloody and cruel ritual, smearing the internal organs all over themselves and shouting “Allahu akbar!” … No wait, I made that part up. (But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.)

I do wonder though… what would they have done if Allah had chosen to communicate instead through the skin folds of a pig or a dog? Well, that would have been a real Catch 22. It would have been like Allah was blaspheming himself.

Munchkin Publishers Start to Come Out

February 13th, 2006 Rico

Like Munchkins after Glenda banished the wicked witch, U.S. and Canadian publishers are beginning to find their courage.

Publishers of The Weekly Standard have decided to stop pissing their pants and have now reproduced the cartoons that enraged the scary Muslims.

Also Seattle alt paper The Stranger.


Come out, come out, Munchkins, the wicked witch can’t harm you.

Come out.

Violence erupts in Haiti between protestors and UN Peacekeepers

February 13th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

From the AP:

Violence erupts over Haiti vote count

Violence in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Supporters of Haitian candidate Rene Preval erected flaming roadblocks and stormed a hotel Monday to demand Preval be declared president, and witnesses said U.N. peacekeepers opened fire on one of the crowds, killing at least one person — a charge the U.N. denied.

Protests erupted across the capital Monday as vote counts showed that Preval may have fallen short of the 50 percent needed to win the presidency without a runoff election. The protesters allege the electoral commission is manipulating the vote count to prevent a first-round Preval victory.

Across Port-au-Prince, barricades made of old tires were set ablaze, sending plumes of acrid black smoke into the sky. Protesters let only journalists and Red Cross vehicles pass.

“If they don’t give us the final results, we’re going to burn this country down!” a man screamed at one of the roadblocks.

In the Tabarre neighborhood, Associated Press journalists saw the body of a man on a street, his blood-soaked T-shirt bearing Preval’s image. Dozens of witnesses said Jordanian U.N. peacekeepers in a jeep opened fire — a charge the U.N. denied — killing two people and wounding four. The body of the second victim was not seen.

“We were peacefully protesting when the U.N. started shooting. There were a lot of shots. Everybody ran,” said Walrick Michel, 22.

Full story here: [LINK]

From Werewolves with Love: The History of Valentine’s Day

February 13th, 2006 cupid

by Brad Steiger
FATE :: February 2006

Everyone thinks they know the origin of Valentine’s Day. According to the most commonly accepted story, Emperor Claudius of Rome issued a decree forbidding marriage in the year 271. Roman generals had found that married men did not make very good soldiers, because they wanted to return as quickly as possible to their wives and children—and they didn’t want to leave them to fight the emperor’s battles in the first place. So Claudius issued his edict that there should be no more marriages, and all single men should report for duty.

A priest named Valentine deemed such a decree an abomination, and he secretly continued to marry young lovers. When Claudius learned of this extreme act of disobedience to his imperial command, he ordered the priest dragged off to prison and had him executed on February 14.

Father Valentine, the friend of sweethearts, became a martyr to love and the sanctity of marriage, and when the Church gained power in the Roman Empire, the Holy See was quick to make him a saint.

The early Church fathers were well aware of the popularity of a vast number of heathen gods and goddesses, as well as the dates of observation of pagan festivals, so they set about replacing as many of the entities and the holidays as possible with ecclesiastical saints and feast days. Mid-February had an ancient history of being devoted to acts of love of a far more passionate and lusty nature than the Church wished to bless, and the bishops moved as speedily as possible to claim the days of February 14 through 17 as belonging to Saint Valentine, the courageous martyr to the ties that bound couples in Christian love.

February Is for Mating

Actually, there is no proof that the good priest Valentine even existed.

Some scholars trace the period of mid-February as a time for mating back to ancient Egypt. On those same days of the year that contemporary lovers devote to St. Valentine, men and women of the Egyptian lower classes determined their marital partners by the drawing of lots.

But the time of coupling that comes with the cold nights in February before the spring thaw likely had its true origin very near where Valentine supposedly met his demise.

Among the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Wolf Charmer was called the Lupicinus. Perhaps hearkening back to prehistoric times, the Lupicinus may well have been an individual tribesman who had a particular affinity for communicating with wolves. As the tribes developed agriculture and small villages, it was necessary to have a person skilled in singing with the wolves and convincing them not to attack their domesticated animals. The Lupicinus had the ability to howl with the wolves and lead them away from the livestock pens. In some views, because he also wore the pelt of a wolf, the Lupicinus also had the power to transform himself into a wolf if he so desired.

Rites of the Lupercalia

The annual Lupercali festival of the Romans on February 15 was a perpetuation of the ancient blooding rites of the hunter in which the novice is smeared with the blood of his first kill. The sacrificial slaying of a goat—representing the flocks that nourished early humans in their efforts to establish permanent dwelling places—was followed by the sacrifice of a dog, the watchful protector of a flock that would be the first to be killed by attacking wolves.

The blood of the she-goat and the dog were mixed, and a bloodstained knife was dipped into the fluid and drawn slowly across the foreheads of two noble-born children. Once the children had been “blooded,” the gore was wiped off their foreheads with wool that had been dipped in goat milk. As the children were being cleansed, they were expected to laugh, thereby demonstrating their lack of fear of blood and their acknowledgment that they had received the magic of protection against wolves and wolfmen.

The god Lupercus, represented by a wolf, would next inspire and command men to behave as wolves, to act as werewolves during the festival.

Lupus (wolf) itself is not an authentic or original Latin word, but was borrowed from the Sabine dialect. Luperca, the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus, may have given rise to secret fraternities known as the Luperci, who sacrificed she-goats at the entrances to their “wolves’ dens.” For centuries, the Luperci observed an annual ritual of chasing women through the streets of Roman cities and beating them with leather thongs.

Scholars generally agree that such a violent expression of eroticism celebrated the ancient behavior of primitive hunting tribes corraling captive women. Once a wolfman had ensnared a woman with his whip or thong, he would lead her away to be his wife or lover for as long as the “romance” lasted. Perhaps, as some scholars theorize, this yearly rite of lashing at women and lassoing them with leather thongs became a more acceptable substitute for the bloodlust of the Luperci’s latent werewolfism that in days past had seen them tearing the flesh of innocent victims with their teeth.

As the Romans grew ever more sophisticated, the Lupercali would be celebrated by a man binding the lady of his choice wrist to wrist, and later by passing a billet to his object of desire, suggesting a romantic rendezvous in some secluded place.

Christian Marriage

One can easily see why the early Church fathers much preferred the union of man and woman to be smiled upon by St. Valentine, rather than the leering wolf god Lupercus. And, of course, they encouraged a knot tied securely by the sacred rite of marriage and blessed by the priest, rather than a fleeting midnight liaison.

By the Middle Ages, the peasantry in England, Scotland, and parts of France honored St. Valentine, but their customs seemed very much to hearken back to ancient Egypt and Rome. On the evening before Valentine’s Day, the young people would gather in a village meeting place and draw names by chance. Each young woman would write her name or make her mark on a bit of cloth and place it into a large urn. Then each of the young men would draw a slip. The girl whose name or mark was on the piece of cloth became his sweetheart for the year.

This method of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day quite often led to circumstances and situations that encouraged long-term and lasting relationships, blessed by the recital of marriage vows in the local church. If the young couple did not take the necessary steps to become bound in a church-sanctioned union, the parents of the respective “bride” and “groom” would actively arrange for the marriage sacrament to be observed.

It wasn’t long before the peasant method of utilizing St. Valentine’s Day to guarantee the next generation of field hands, construction workers, and merchants reached the ears of the upper classes, and the custom became popular among the young men and women of the aristocracy and the landed gentry. Since the prospect of arranged marriages between successful families meant far more to the upper classes in Europe than to the peasantry, parental supervision most often limited the interaction between their children to be “sweethearts” during Valentine’s Day parties.

By the late 1400s, the upper classes of Europe and England would come together in homes to celebrate Valentine’s Day and allow their young men to draw a “valentine” with the name of a member of the opposite sex, beside whom he would be seated at a lavish dinner party. Hostesses took advantage of the holiday theme to express the tradition in colorful decorative schemes.

Gradually, Valentine’s Day came to be synonymous with the exchange of pretty sentiments, written in flourishes on scented paper and decorated with hearts, arrows, doves, and cupids—those little pagan deities maintaining their hold on the ancient holiday. By the early 1800s, young men were taking care to create symbols of their passion on elaborate cards that they could offer to “My Valentine.”

Today’s Customs

By the 1850s, Valentine’s Day cards were being manufactured and sold commercially in England, and the custom of observing the holiday with cards to one’s sweetheart became popular in the United States in the 1860s, around the time of the Civil War.

Today, of course, we have vast commercial enterprises centered around St. Valentine’s Day, insisting that callow young men and seasoned husbands must buy their sweetheart a box of candy, a dozen roses, a diamond ring or necklace, or at least a five-dollar card. But don’t let the slick advertisers fool you with all this talk of a saint named Valentine who was martyred for love. Remember that it all began with a hyped-up wolfman smeared in blood chasing the object of his desire with a leather thong.

One last word of advice: Forget the whip and stick with flowers and candy

Brad Steiger is a professional writer who deals with the strange and unknown. He lives in Forest City, Iowa.

Danes: “We are being pissed upon”

February 12th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

This commentary piece by Per Nyholm was published yesterday in the Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper in Denmark where the Mohammed cartoons originated. It was translated by a Danish reader of The Brussels Journal and published there. I am re-posting it here, although I recommend you follow it up with a visit to the Brussels Journal:

We are being pissed upon

I think it was the long departed H.C. Hansen, one of the great Danish statesmen of the last century, who – as the communists were demonstrating in front of Christiansborg [the Danish Parliament] – cast his gaze across the palace square and remarked: “I will not be pissed upon.”

Then he did what was necessary.

I feel that currently my beloved country is being pissed upon rather too much. Denmark has not been neglecting its duties on the international stage. We have supported poor people with acts and advice, we have worked for peace, we have sent soldiers, policemen and experts to all the far flung corners of the world. We have democracy, a rule of law and a welfare state. Not all is perfect, but we harbor no malice towards our fellow men.

And yet Denmark is being pissed upon. The spokesman of the US State Department is pissing on Denmark, the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs is pissing on Denmark, the President of Afghanistan is pissing on Denmark, the Government of Iraq is pissing on Denmark, other Muslim regimes are pissing on Denmark. In Gaza, where Danes for years have provided humanitarian aid, crazed Imams encourage people to cut off the hands and heads of the cartoonists who made the drawings of Mohammed for the Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Excuse my choice of words, but all this pissing is pissing me off.

What is going on? I am not referring so much to the threats against Danish citizens and Danish commerce. Nor to the burnt down Embassies. I am thinking of a word that keeps popping up whenever the Mohammed cartoons are mentioned.

That word is BUT. A sneaky word. It is used to deny or qualify what one has just said.

How many times lately have we not heard people of power, the Opinion Makers and others say that of course we have freedom of speech, BUT.

They have said it, all of them, from Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General, to our own Bendt Bendtsen [a Danish Politician]. Once we had to be sensitive to the easily hurt feelings of the Nazis, then came the Communists, now it is the Islamists. The reason I say ‘Islamists’ is that I do not for a moment believe all the world’s Muslims are pissing on us. I think we are dealing with thugs, fools and misled people. Those are the ones we have to deal with, and then the chickenshit politicians.

The cartoons are no longer something Jyllands-Posten can control. They have already been manipulated and misrepresented to the point that few know what is going on and fewer know how to stop it. This affair is artifically being kept buoyant in a sea of lies, suppressions of the truth, misconceptions, lunacy and hypocrisy, for which this newspaper bears no blame. The only thing Jyllands-Posten did was provide a pin-prick which has made a boil of nastiness erupt. This would have happened sooner or later. That it happened more than four months after the publication of the cartoons, raises a question of its own. Are we dealing with random events or with a staged clash of civilizations? One might hope for the former yet be prepared to expect the latter.

That is why I say: Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Speech. There is no but.

Initially I was doubtful of the timeliness of publishing the cartoons. Later events have convinced me that it was both just and useful to do so. That they are consistent with Danish law and Danish custom seem to me less important than this: that we now know that remote, primitive countries deem themselves justified in telling us what to do. Unfortunately we must also note that governments close to us are agreeing with them in the name of expedience.

It was right and just for this newspaper to launch an offensive for Freedom of Speech, and useful, as we have now acquired new knowledge. Welcome to a brave new world where even our Prime Minister – in spite of his laudable firmness – must gaze out upon a scorched political landscape. True, his friend in Washington, George Bush, has uttered the customary condemnation of the torching of our embassies, but his State Department alludes to us as being the guilty ones in this case. The suggestion that Danish troops might contribute to democratization is buried under the charred remains of our diplomatic representations in Beirut and Damascus.

Perhaps it is time we started mopping up this mess. Perhaps Editor-in-Chief Carsten Juste ought to remove his apology which has gone stale sitting so long on the front page of our internet edition and which does not seem to interest the madmen. Perhaps our government ought to announce to Mona Omar Attia, the strange Ambassador of Egypt, that she is persona non grata.

Perhaps the ambassadors that have been called home to fictitious consultations in the Middle East should be told that they may spare themselves the cost of the return ticket.

In so far as possible The Lying Imams probably ought to be expelled. And then we ought to make an effort to support those Muslims who in a difficult situation have proven themselves to be true Citizens.

We, for our part, have no wish to be a burden to the Arab governments. We will happily withdraw our soldiers, policemen and diplomats. If they think our money smells, we will retract our aid. Our trade must make do as well as it can. We promise to not bear a grudge and, in time, we will be glad to return, but we are through with the hypocrisy. We have better things to do than being pissed upon at our own expense.

Cut down our activities in the Middle East. The world holds plenty of other opportunities.

Don’t miss the new Shire Network News podcast

February 12th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

So once again I will point you to the Shire Network News podcast, which this week is titled “Podcast discovers actual moderate Muslim.” Listen to it here:


This week they’re interviewed Kamal Nawash, head of the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terror, and introduced a new contributor, Meryl Yourish.

French supermarket chain pulls Danish products in “solidarity” with Islam

February 12th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

Thanks to No Pasaran and Israellycool for noticing this. The French supermarket chain Carrefour is boycotting Denmark to show their appreciation for Islamic terrorist intimidation. Now I know you will find this hard to believe, so here’s a picture to prove it:

Please feel free to insert your own “French surrender monkey” jokes. I’m too disgusted to join in. Although I think in this case I think “collaboration monkey” is more appropriate. And while surrender is cowardly, collaboration is treasonous.

University of North Carolina Newspaper Dares to Offend

February 12th, 2006 Rico

This cartoon was printed in the Daily Tar Heel:[LINK]


Local Muslim student organization immediately takes the bait: [LINK]

Thanks to Sister Toljah for the find

Seething Midwest Explodes

February 12th, 2006 Rico

Premier satirist Iowahawk wields his scalpel:

Seething Midwest Explodes Over Lombardi Cartoons

Green Bay, WI - Like a pot of bratwurst left unattended at a Lambeau Field pregame party, simmering tensions in the strife-torn Midwest boiled over once again today as rioting mobs of green-and-gold clad youth and plump farm wives rampaged through Wisconsin Denny’s and IHOPs, burning Texas toast and demanding apologies and extra half-and-half.

The spark igniting the latest tailgate hibachi of unrest: a Texas newsletter’s publication of caricatures of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

Cartoon that shocked Midwest

Protestors demonstrated against the images throughout the Badger State yesterday, with violent egging and cow-tipping incidents reported in Oconomowac, Pewaukee, Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Antigo, Oshkosh, Waubeno, Wauwautosa, Waunewoc, Wyocena, Waubeka, and Washawonamowackapeepee.

a kinder and gentler Opus Dei

February 12th, 2006 cupid

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Portrayed in the best-selling novel “The Da Vinci Code” as a secretive cult willing to murder to defend a fictional 2,000-year-old Catholic cover-up, Opus Dei is promoting its softer side before the movie of the book arrives in May.

Published in March 2003, Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” is one of the most popular books in publishing history with more than 40 million copies in print worldwide in 44 languages.

The book is also controversial because the plot stems from the idea Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and had children. Because of this, the novel has been condemned by the Roman Catholic Church.

“It’s very sad that Opus Dei and the Catholic Church were portrayed unfairly in the novel,” said Opus Dei spokesman Brian Finnerty. “What we’re trying to do is take advantage of the interest to explain what the real Opus Dei is all about.”

Opus Dei is a far-flung, conservative Catholic organization blessed by the Pope in 1982 with a special status in the church. Founded in 1928 in Spain by Jose Maria Escriva with a mission to teach Catholics to strive for holiness through their work, Opus Dei has 85,000 members worldwide, of which around 2,000 are priests. Escriva was made a saint in 2002.

But as the whipping boy of church liberals for years and with estranged members telling of coercive recruitment tactics and corporal mortification, Opus Dei has been controversial. Now, because of “The Da Vinci Code,” it has to do even more to overcome the unblessed image portrayed by the book.

Opus Dei appears in the story as a shadowy cult whose henchman is a murderous albino monk named Silas, who makes himself bleed with a cilice — a spiked metal belt strapped tight around the upper thigh — for penance.

Passersby who approach the organization’s 17-story building in Manhattan are invited to reach for a leaflet to learn about the real Opus Dei, which means “God’s work.”

Finnerty’s job these days is to promote the group and give reporters tours of the building, a $69 million corner edifice in midtown Manhattan housing a luxurious conference center on five floors as well as accommodations and offices for around 65 members.


Waiting rooms and lounges are furnished in country-house style with leather armchairs, antique-style furniture and elegant bookshelves carrying religious and historical works as well as novels by the likes of Willa Cather and Jane Austen.

An airy conservatory leads out to a roof-top terrace with deck-chairs, potted plants and a small statue of the Virgin and Child. Two middle-aged men were discussing “investment philosophy” in the conservatory when a visitor passed through.

A few floors down is what looks like a hotel VIP lounge with a grand piano and views of the iconic Chrysler Building.

“It’s like a very nice home,” Finnerty said. “It’s not at all like a monastery or a ‘Da Vinci Code’ setting. You won’t see anyone like Silas walking through here dripping blood.”

John Allen, author of a book on Opus Dei, said it had long been a “lightening rod” for liberal Catholics to criticize.

“Dan Brown didn’t make up the idea of Opus Dei as the boogeyman of the Catholic Church,” Allen told Reuters in a phone interview from Rome, where he reports on the


“Critics would often say Opus Dei is a very conservative version of Catholicism. Some would say it is a very worldly version of Catholicism focused on wealth and power,” he said.

The late Pope John Paul II was an admirer of Opus Dei, but Allen said its influence was not as strong as some think.

Allen said just two of the 115 cardinals who elected Pope Benedict were Opus Dei, and the group claimed only around 40 of the world’s 4,500 bishops as members.

“They simply don’t have the stranglehold on power that people imagine,” Allen said, adding that Opus Dei’s wealth was also exaggerated by critics. Worldwide assets were around $2.8 billion, he said, with U.S. assets of $350 million — around the same as a mid-sized diocese.

Finnerty emphasized Opus Dei’s charitable work, including schools and hospitals in the United States and Africa.

But some former members writing on the Web site of the Opus Dei Awareness Network say that aspect is overshadowed by coercive and cult-like recruitment tactics that alienate members from their families and pressure people into harmful practices such as the use of the cilice.

Marc Carroggio, an Opus Dei spokesman brought in from Rome as a reinforcement before the film, said corporal mortification was a small and “marginal” element of Opus Dei, and voluntary. Finnerty added that Mother Theresa wore a form of a cilice.

He said Opus Dei wrote to Sony Pictures asking them to leave the organization out of the movie but to no avail, so it now aims to use the film as a “teaching moment.”

Jihadis Have Fun with Words.

February 10th, 2006 Rico


Democracy in Europe is Insult God But Don’t Israel?

Huh? What does that mean?

Oh, yeah-h-h-h, OK, we get it. This is like the “unscramble the letters” game they used to do on American Bandstand. Alright, let’s see if we can figure out what it’s supposed to say.

  • Israel is in Europe but God Don’t Insult Democracy
  • Democracy God is in Europe But Don’t Insult Israel
  • Don’t Insult Democracy in Europe But Israel is God
  • Where are they going to print the answers?

    Thanks to Jawa Report for pic

    Vlad the Appeaser

    February 10th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From the Zaman Daily Newspaper:

    Putin: Denmark Should Apologize

    World leaders appealed for an end to protests enflamed by further provocation efforts in the cartoon crisis currently straining relations between the Islamic World and the West.

    On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin pleaded with the Danish administration to apologize for the drawings that satirized the Muslim values.

    In separate interviews to El Pais and El Mundo, two famous Spanish newspapers, Mr. Putin condemned the publication of cartoons for creating a larger gap between different religious groups, at the same time provoking them into acts of violence.

    Mr. Putin’s evaluation of the cartoons crisis was based on his deprecating comments that the drawings offend the notion of religion; such events should not be tolerable as long as the Danish government does not apologize for what has happened, let alone take action to inhibit such cartoons from being published. “When we denounce child porn, we do not hide behind freedom of press as an excuse for it,” Mr. Putin emphasized.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    British Rag Does 180 with Twist in Prone Position

    February 10th, 2006 Rico

    The Liberal will not be coerced into self-censorship by the threat of violence from those who use a platform of free speech to call for the destruction of the very system that enfranchises them,”

    Wait… this just in…oh… well, OK…. As we were just saying,
    ‘em, eck-tually, you know, The Liberal will be coerced into self-censorship by the threat of violence from those who use a platform of free speech to call for the destruction of the very system that enfranchises them,” [LINK]

    Damn. That kind of freestylin’ could win a gold medal.

    [NOTE: The Spectator last week pulled a cartoon of Muhammad from its website]

    Jason Kesselring joins Plus Ultra

    February 10th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    I want to introduce you to a new member of the Plus Ultra team, Jason Kesselring. He’s already made a couple of posts under the screen name “Cupid”, and he’s been supplying me with news tips for years now. He’s also the genius behind the bands Skye Klad and Satyr’s Witch. We hope to see some interesting contributions from him in the coming months.

    “Dhimmitude” enters the American vocabulary

    February 10th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    (Photo: AP, protester in Kenya.)

    Diane West at The Washington Times is introducing mainstream media consumers to the term “dhimmitude” which is something that desperately needs to be done. Read her column:

    Cartoon rage

    We need to learn a new word: dhimmitude. I’ve written about dhimmitude periodically, lo, these many years since September 11, but it takes time to sink in. Dhimmitude is the coinage of a brilliant historian, Bat Ye’or, whose pioneering studies of the dhimmi, populations of Jews and Christians vanquished by Islamic jihad, have led her to conclude that a common culture has existed through the centuries among the varied dhimmi populations. From Egypt and Palestine to Iraq and Syria, from Morocco and Algeria to Spain, Sicily and Greece, from Armenia and the Balkans to the Caucasus: Wherever Islam conquered, surrendering dhimmi, known to Muslims as “people of the book [the Bible],” were tolerated, allowed to practice their religion, but at a dehumanizing cost.

    There were literal taxes (jizya) to be paid; these bought the dhimmi the right to remain non-Muslim, the price not of religious freedom, but of religious identity. Freedom was lost, sorely circumscribed by a body of Islamic law (sharia) designed to subjugate, denigrate and humiliate the dhimmi. The resulting culture of self-abnegation, self-censorship and fear shared by far-flung dhimmi is the basis of dhimmitude. The extremely distressing but highly significant fact is, dhimmitude doesn’t only exist in lands where Islamic law rules.

    This is the lesson of Cartoon Rage 2006, a cultural nuke set off by an Islamic chain reaction to those 12 cartoons of Muhammad appearing in a Danish newspaper. We have watched the Muslim meltdown with shocked attention, but there is little recognition that its poisonous fallout is fear. Fear in the State Department, which, like Islam, called the cartoons unacceptable. Fear in Whitehall, which did the same. Fear in the Vatican, which did the same. And fear in the media, which have failed, with few, few exceptions, to reprint or show the images. With only a small roll of brave journals, mainly in Europe, to salute, we have seen the proud Western tradition of a free press bow its head and submit to an Islamic law against depictions of Muhammad. That’s dhimmitude.

    Read the whole thing: [LINK]

    Google News ignorant, misinformed

    February 10th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Check out the lies and misinformation in this Google News report on the cartoon controversy. Note how the editorialize about Michelle Malkin, and about the three phoney cartoons added to the set by Abu Laban, which Google News refers to as an “unproven theory.” View the video:


    Stupid, or just lying? I pick the latter, but it’s hard to be sure.

    Spy shop makes Mo shirts available

    February 10th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Thank you Drudge for this, from PRWeb:

    Internet T-shirt Vendor Profits from Mohammed Cartoon Conflict

    To see the latest creation from conservative t-shirt maker MetroSpy some would think the Muslim world had every right to be upset. MetroSpy’s new t-shirts depict an unflattering caricature of the prophet Mohammed with a bomb on his head.

    The controversial cartoon, which first ran in European newspapers, has outraged Muslims around the world because Islamic tradition forbids a graphic depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

    Many in the U.S however, are angered by the violence being displayed by extreme Islamic protesters — torching buildings, desecrating flags and in some cases even killing people. Annoyed by the violent images broadcast from the Middle East, MetroSpy decided to sell t shirts with the controversial caricature emblazoned across the front.

    “We can’t let the terrorists win. We can not encourage this uncivilized behavior by caving in to their wishes,” said Nate Thomas, product manager for MetroSpy

    On their website (, MetroSpy denounces the tactics of Islamic extremists and encourages its customers to stand up against terrorism. “Failing to print these images mean the terrorists have won”, the site says.

    “We wanted a simple way to exercise our freedom of speech and to stand up to the terrorists. This design was perfect,” said Thomas.

    So far, the Mohammed t-shirt has become their best selling item of the year — more than 120 orders the first day it became available.

    Critics of the Mohammed t-shirts say this is a perfect example of why Americans are hated around the world. Finding humor in the desecration of another’s religious symbol, even if you disagree, is just plain wrong.

    Despite the critics, MetroSpy intends to keep selling the Mohammed cartoon t-shirts.

    Red Meat does Mo

    February 10th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Norweigian editor who published cartoons now charged with “endangering lives”, “blasphemy”, and “treason”

    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From Norway’s Aftenposten (thanks WorldNetDaily):

    Caricature publisher reported to police:
    The Muslim Al-Jinnah Foundation will charge the editor of the Christian weekly Magazinet, the journal that published the controversial caricatures of the prophet Mohammed in Norway, with endangering Norwegian lives.

    Editor Vebjørn Selbekk and Magazinet staff had no immediate comment on Thursday.

    The organization delivered charges to Moss police station at noon on Thursday.

    “The police must take Vebjørn Selbekk and put him in a safe place,” Al-Jinnah leader Khalid Mohammad told Mohammad emphasized that this remark was not meant as a threat to Selbekk, but rather to the threat Selbekk posed to others.

    Mohammad said that Selbekk had endangered Norwegian lives and interests around the world by the provocative decision to publish the caricatures.

    “It is frightening that one person through so-called freedom of speech can cause such damage that he nearly sets two worlds up against each other. There are limits for what expressions are acceptable, also in a democracy. This is a case for the police, it cannot be solved by the masses,” Mohammad said.

    Selbekk and Magazinet are also being accused of blasphemy.

    “But this is really also treason,” Khalid Mohammad said. “He has damaged Norway abroad. Not least, the publication has resulted in Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan being injured. We feel for them,” Mohammad said, and also noted that innocent Muslims in Norway now feel unsafe, and hat they face greater danger.

    Khalid Mohammad said that the Al-Jinnah Foundation is an international network that seeks out Muslim communities when there is danger of unrest.

    “Then we tell them that peace is the best road to take. Protests shall use legal means. That is in keeping with Islam,” Mohammad said.

    Why don’t they just extradite him to Saudi Arabia to be judged by an Islamic court, and executed according to sharia law? That seems fair.

    Dhimmitude Map

    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman


    This map illustrates places where either the press, or the government, or business interests, or all three, have capitulated to extremist Muslim intimidation.

    Jyllands-Posten editor placed on “indefinite leave”

    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From The Guardian (thanks Michelle Malkin):

    Cartoons editor sent on leave

    The Danish editor at the centre of the prophet caricature furore has been sent on indefinite leave after a disagreement with management about whether their newspaper should also print cartoons of the Holocaust.

    Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Jyllands-Posten who commissioned the original 12 cartoons last year, has defended the decision of his and other European newspapers to publish as a valid exercise to test the growing tendency for self-censorship when handling Islamic subject matter.

    But earlier this week he said he would also be open to reprinting cartoons depicting the Holocaust commissioned by an Iranian newspaper. That prompted a public disagreement with editor-in-chief Carsten Juste, who has also come under pressure to resign over the row. “The editorial management and Flemming Rose have agreed that he needed a break from work until further notice,” said Tage Clausen, a spokesman for the Jyllands-Posten paper.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    Tomorrow’s News Today, Islam’s New Demands

    February 9th, 2006 Rico
  • Muslims Demand Food Service Workers Be Trained to Wipe Only with Left Hand
  • Image of Mohammed found in Dog Poop; Muslims Demand Disembowelment of Dog
  • Muslims Demand Sex Segregated Nouns in English
  • Muslims Demand Mandatory Jail Terms for Rape Victims
  • Muslims Demand Age of Consent Lowered to 7
  • Muslims Demand “Mulligan” for Flight 93, Want Replacement Plane
  • Muslims Demand Legislation to Promote Unlimited Immigration to U.S. from Muslim Dominated Countries, Accuse U.S. of “Ethnic Cleansing by Inaction”
  • Muslims Demand Bush Recant Pledge to Defend Israel; Bush: “Everything’s on the table, starting with the U.S. Constitution”
  • Muslims Demand “Islamic Mother Goose”, Change “Hot Cross Buns” to “Hot Crescent Buns”
  • Muslims Demand Project Head Start Teach Children to Memorize Koran
  • [Our apologies if The Simpsons, South Park, ScrappleFace, This Blog Is Full of Crap, The Onion or anyone else in the blogosphere already did these - Ed.]

    Muslims Press Surrender, “Demand” Removal of Doll

    February 9th, 2006 Rico

    An example of what the consequences are when the Western world governments capitulate to the Islamic horde; their citizens are left at the mercy of the mob.

    Muslim fury at sex toy

    FURIOUS Muslims have blasted adult shop Ann Summers for selling a blow-up male doll called MUSTAFA SHAG.

    They complained that the novelty sex toy insults the Prophet Muhammad — who also has the title al-Mustafa…the Muslim Association… branded him “obnoxious”.

    Yesterday a spokesman said: “This is the name of our Prophet and it’s very upsetting. This thing should be banned.”

    In a letter to the store, the Association said: “You have no idea how much hurt, anguish and disgust this obnoxious phrase has caused to Muslims. We are asking you to have our Most Revered Prophet’s name ‘Mustafa’ and the afflicted word ‘shag’ removed.”

    Last night Ann Summers said: “If anyone has a better name, please let us know. We’ll happily change it.”

    The Surrender

    February 9th, 2006 Rico

    There are so many white flags popping up it must be hard for the Islamic Nation to keep score. The Western world’s “authorities”, working hand in hand with their newly admitted Muslim masters, are moving fast now to shut up their citizenry.

    Here’s the list, as far as I know it now. Will keep updating as they come in.


    [It’s gotten so weird, that govenrments are now banning anything they think might remind anyone of the Mo cartoons - Ed.]

    An artwork depicting a handcuffed Saddam Hussein suspended in liquid wearing underpants has been banned from a Belgian art festival.

    Czech sculptor David Cerny’s “Saddam Hussein shark” is a homage to British artist Damien Hirst’s “Shark”.

    The mayor of the small Belgian town of Middlekerke, Michel Landuyt, said he decided to ban the work before fury was unleashed over published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed….

    Mr Landuyt said the sculpture could “shock people, including Muslims“.


    University of P.E.I. newspapers pulled

    The University of Prince Edward Island removed copies of The Cadre from campus yesterday, saying publishing the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad was an invitation to trouble.


    EU mulls media code after cartoon protests

    (Reuters) - The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an EU commissioner said on Thursday.

    In an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph, EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said the charter would encourage the media to show “prudence” when covering religion.

    The EU Doctrine
    We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression, we can and we are ready to self-regulate that right” - Franco Frattini, the European Union commissioner for justice, freedom and security.

    [We don’t believe we have ever heard such stirring words! - Ed.]


    Cartoons: Chirac accuses the press of provocation

    FRENCH President Jacques Chirac yesterday accused newspapers printing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed of “provocation” after yet another French publication put the contentious caricatures on its pages.

    “Anything that can hurt the convictions of another, particularly religious convictions, must be avoided,” Chirac told his cabinet

    The Nanny Media (tip to WNYMedia Network)

    12 Cartoons Seen Around the World: Except In the US

    The media is managed by cowards so terrified by the prospect of their offices being firebombed that they wallow in self-censorship


    Norweigian editor who published cartoons now charged with “endangering lives”, “blasphemy”, and “treason”



    Swedish security services (Säpo), in collusion with Foreign Minister Leila Freivalds, have forced the website SD-Kuriren offline for publishing the Jyllands-Posten cartoons

    United Nations:

    Don’t publish Mohammed cartoons: UN

    …(a) document for a new UN human rights council to replace the discredited Geneva-based UN Human Rights Commission…obtained by Reuters, would promote universal respect for all religious and cultural values.

    It would “prevent instances of intolerance, discrimination, incitement of hatred and violence arising from any actions against religions, prophets and beliefs which threaten the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

    The United States of America

    Former President Bill Clinton and the Bush administration’s State Department have condemned publication of the cartoons

    Mugabe begs white farmers to come back

    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From the Daily Telegraph:

    Mugabe to ask whites back in land grab U-turn

    President Robert Mugabe has begun to reverse his “insane” land grab and offer some white farmers the chance to lease back their holdings in Zimbabwe.

    With the fastest shrinking economy in the world, Mr Mugabe has had to backtrack on six years of chaos and his own determination to rid the country of all white farmers.

    In an orgy of violence, Mr Mugabe seized the land, homes, equipment and infrastructure of about 4,000 white commercial farmers who produced almost half of Zimbabwe’s foreign currency.

    The U-turn is expected to be announced within days. The ruling Zanu-PF party’s politburo has been informed and selected journalists in the state-controlled media have been briefed on how to spin the policy reversal.

    I agree that the farmers should march in and take their land back, but certainly not on Mugabe’s terms.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    EU and UN “formally rebuke” Jyllands-Posten

    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From WorldNetDaily:

    U.N., EU to apologize to Islam for cartoons
    Joint statement to condemn Danish paper, renounce all forms of violence, says report

    The United Nations and European Union have reached agreement to issue a joint statement condemning cartoon “insults to Islam” that were first published in a Danish newspaper and have been widely reprinted recently, resulting in a rash of violence throughout the Muslim world.

    According to a report in WAM, the United Arab Emirates news agency, the agreement is the work of Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

    The agreement, according to Ihsanoglu, will mean a formal rebuke by the U.N. and EU of the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten for publishing the offensive cartoons.

    The statement, he added, stresses that divine religions and religious symbols must be respected, and that freedom of speech must not be taken so far as to desecrate religions.

    “The statement also calls for renouncing all forms of violence,” he said, according to WAM.

    I don’t exactly see how EU and UN spokesmen can apologize on the behalf of the cartoonists and the Editors, who are the only ones responsible for the publication of the cartoons. It’s not the EU or UN’s job to apologize for them… unless what they’re apologizing for is allowing the publication in the first place. In this case, the real purpose of the statement is to promise the Mohammedians that it won’t happen again, because they’re planning on passing international legisation to limit freedom of the press. That would be my guess on the hidden meaning of this statement.

    Brussels Journal editor on the radio

    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Yesterday Paul Belien of The Brussels Journal gave two two interviews on American radio, on ABC radio and KFI Los Angeles, regarding Toongate. You can hear them both by going here: [LINK]

    Predictable: EU forming a “media code” in response to controversy

    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From Reuters (thanks LGF):

    EU mulls media code after cartoon protests

    The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an EU commissioner said on Thursday.

    In an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph, EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said the charter would encourage the media to show “prudence” when covering religion.

    “The press will give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression,” he told the newspaper. “We can and we are ready to self-regulate that right.” …

    His proposed voluntary code would urge the media to respect all religious sensibilities but would not offer privileged status to any one faith.

    The code would be drawn up by the European Commission, the EU executive body, and European media outlets, he said. It would not have legal status.

    The EU’s foreign policy chief Javier Solana is to travel to Arab and Muslim countries in an attempt to calm the anger caused by the cartoons.


    February 9th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    This short video from the folks at Junkyard Blog tells the story of how the cartoon controversy spread, and how the lying Danish imam, Abu Laban, faked three extra Mohammed cartoons in order to make the whole set seem more offensive, then went on a rabble-rousing tour of the Middle East.

    View the video here: [VIDEO]

    Note: The final image comes from a newspaper article about a pig-squealing contest. Abu Laban took the photograph of the man in the pig-mask, xeroxed it down a few generations, and then inserted it with the other cartoons, telling Muslims all over the world that it was a drawing of Mohammed as a pig. Here’s a news story about that from WorldNetDaily: [LINK]

    And here’s an article about the meaning of the word Taqiya: AL-TAQIYA: The Muslim Method Of Conquest, by Professor Walid Phares.

    Cleric tells Bush to “Shut up”

    February 9th, 2006 cupid
    BEIRUT, Lebanon - The leader of Hezbollah, heading a march by hundreds of thousands of Shiite Muslims Thursday, said President Bush and his secretary of state should “shut up” after they accused Syria and Iran of fueling protests over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

    Denmark, meanwhile, said it had temporarily closed its diplomatic mission in Beirut, which was burned by protesters Sunday, and all staff had left Lebanon.

    Danes feared religious processions in Muslim countries Thursday to mark the Shiite festival of Ashoura would spill over into violence against its diplomats and soldiers after days of protests over the caricatures, which were first published in a Danish newspaper in September.

    About 2,000 hard-line Muslims also rallied and burned a Danish flag Thursday in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

    In Beirut, Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah urged Muslims worldwide to keep demonstrating until there is an apology over the drawings and Europe passes laws forbidding insults to the prophet.

    The head of the guerrilla group, which is backed by Iran and Syria, spoke before a mass Ashoura procession. Whipping up the crowds on the most solemn day for Shiites worldwide, Nasrallah declared:

    “Defending the prophet should continue all over the world. Let Condoleezza Rice and Bush and all the tyrants shut up. We are an Islamic nation that cannot tolerate, be silent or be lax when they insult our prophet and sanctities.”

    “We will uphold the messenger of God not only by our voices but also by our blood,” he told the crowds, estimated by organizers at about 700,000. Police had no final estimates but said the figure was likely to be even higher.

    Speaking about the controversy for the first time on Wednesday, Bush condemned the deadly rioting sparked by the cartoons and urged foreign leaders to halt the spreading violence. Rice said Iran and Syria “have gone out of their way to inflame sentiments and to use this to their own purposes. And the world ought to call them on it.”

    Iran has rejected the U.S. accusations. Syria has not commented publicly.

    In protests throughout the Muslim world, demonstrators who saw the drawings as deeply insulting to Islam have attacked embassies in Syria, Lebanon and Iran and rioted in Afghanistan. Islam is interpreted to forbid any illustrations of the prophet.

    Jyllands-Posten, the Danish paper that first published the drawings, apologized last week for offending Muslims but stood by its decision to print the cartoons, citing freedom of speech.

    Other European publications recently reprinted the drawings, which included an image of Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped with a burning fuse, in a show of solidarity.

    Denmark’s government has said it could not apologize over a newspaper’s publication.

    In Brussels, Belgium, Mohamed Ahmed Sherif, chairman of the Libyan-based World Islamic Call Society, said Muslims see the drawings as a direct attack on their values and called the decision to print them in European newspapers a “hate program.”

    Sherif, speaking during a visit Brussels where he met European Union officials, said the cartoons only serve to fuel extremism.

    “Nobody should blame the Muslims if they are unhappy about the images of the Prophet Muhammad,” Sherif said. “It’s forbidden to create a hate program to show that the prophet is a terrorist while he’s not. Don’t ask us to try to make people understand that this is not a campaign of hate.”

    Nasrallah, a black-turbaned, bearded cleric, demanded an apology for the cartoons and laws to prevent a repetition.

    “There can be no settlement before an apology and there can be no settlement before laws are legislated by the European Parliament and the parliaments of European countries,” he said.

    Islamic nations should demand “a law committing the press and the media in the West that proscribes insulting our prophet. If this matter cannot be achieved that means they (West) insist on continuing this,” he added.

    Nasrallah said that if the controversy touched on Jews or Israel the West would have reacted differently and quickly.

    In Denmark, the Danish Broadcasting Corp., or DR, said its journalists in Beirut had been warned to stay away from the Shiite Ashoura ceremonies. “It has become more difficult to be a Danish reporter in the Middle East,” Lisbet Knudsen, head of DR’s news desk said.

    The Bangladeshi protesters — most members of the hard-line group, Islamic Constitution Movement — marched through the streets outside the country’s main mosque in downtown Dhaka shouting, “Down with Islam’s Enemies!” police said.

    “We can’t tolerate such disrespect to our prophet. It’s a shameful act. We condemn it,” A.T.M. Hemayetuddin, a movement leader, told supporters.

    In the capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir, about 200 people turned an Islamic procession into a protest against the prophet drawings, shouting “Down with Denmark” and “Down with Israel.” Senior Superintendent of Police Muneer Khan said 25 people were arrested as police beat back angry demonstrators.

    Malaysia’s government Thursday indefinitely shut down a local newspaper for reprinting one of the drawings.

    Toongate ushers in artistic renaissance

    February 8th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Here’s another offensive cartoon, from It’s titled The relationship between Allah, Muhammed, and Muslims.

    This cartoon controversy seems to be bringing out the artiste in everybody…

    Looney Toons

    February 8th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Here they are again, just in case you forgot:

    These pictures are the reason why 11 people have died.

    NY Press Editor fired over Danish cartoons; whole staff walks out

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Someone with a spine in journalism. From The New York Observer:

    NY Press Kills Cartoons; Staff Walks Out

    The editorial staff of the alternative weekly New York Press walked out today, en masse, after the paper’s publishers backed down from printing the Danish cartoons that have become the center of a global free-speech fight.

    Editor-in-Chief Harry Siegel emails, on behalf of the editorial staff:

    New York Press, like so many other publications, has suborned its own professed principles. For all the talk of freedom of speech, only the New York Sun locally and two other papers nationally have mustered the minimal courage needed to print simple and not especially offensive editorial cartoons that have been used as a pretext for great and greatly menacing violence directed against journalists, cartoonists, humanitarian aid workers, diplomats and others who represent the basic values and obligations of Western civilization. Having been ordered at the 11th hour to pull the now-infamous Danish cartoons from an issue dedicated to them, the editorial group—consisting of myself, managing editor Tim Marchman, arts editor Jonathan Leaf and one-man city hall bureau Azi Paybarah, chose instead to resign our positions.

    We have no desire to be free speech martyrs, but it would have been nakedly hypocritical to avoid the same cartoons we’d criticized others for not running, cartoons that however absurdly have inspired arson, kidnapping and murder and forced cartoonists in at least two continents to go into hiding. Editors have already been forced to leave papers in Jordan and France for having run these cartoons. We have no illusions about the power of the Press (NY Press, we mean), but even on the far margins of the world-historical stage, we are not willing to side with the enemies of the values we hold dear, a free press not least among them.

    This was not an easy decision. I’ve been reading the Press since 1988 and have dreamed of running it for nearly as long. The paper’s editorial staff has worked impossibly hard hours and has come quite a ways in only a few months towards restoring the paper’s tarnished editorial reputation and credibility. I’m proud of the work we’ve done, and wish we’d had time to finish the job. I wish the Press all the best, and hope that under new ownership and leadership it can again be an invaluable read for all good Gothamites.

    Michelle Malkin ambushes Fox News with the truth

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Malkin on Hannity and Colmes just now, brought a poster-board with all 12 of the original cartoons and put them up in front of the camera and started explaining the specifics of them. Obviously she had not cleared this with the producers beforehand. They wouldn’t zoom in, and quickly cut to B-roll.

    Very clever and ballsy, Michelle.

    UPDATE: Expose the Left (Formerly “The Political Teen”) has the video: [LINK]

    Now Ms. Malkin has written about the experience on her blog: [LINK]

    Mouth-to-Beak action

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    If toon rage has got you down, here’s something to smile about. Thanks Drudge for finding this AP story:

    Woman Does ‘Mouth-To-Beak’ to Save Chicken

    Sometimes a chicken does have lips, just sometimes not her own. Marian Morris saved her brother’s exotic chicken, Boo Boo, by administering “mouth-to-beak” resuscitation on the fowl after it was found floating face down in the family’s pond.

    Morris, a retired nurse, said she hadn’t had any practice with CPR in years, but that she was interested to see if she “still had it.”

    “I breathed into its beak, and its dad-gum eyes popped open,” Morris said. “I breathed into its beak again, and its eyes popped open again. “I said, ‘I think this chicken’s alive now. Keep it warm.’”

    Morris said she was pleased to find that the bird she saved was an “exotic,” and not just an ordinary chicken.

    The chicken is called Boo Boo, because she is easily frightened. The family thought Boo Boo was startled and flopped into the pond.

    Didn’t those little girls in Turkey get bird flu from kissing chickens? Better watch out.

    Someone finally notices wave of toon-rage cyber-terror

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Well, they’re a little late on the story, but nobody’s perfect. From the British Computer Shopper (thanks to Drudge):

    Muslim hackers blast Denmark in Net assault

    Gangs of pro-Muslim computer hackers have unleashed a withering cyber attack on Danish and Western websites in the past week, escalating their defacement barrage to coincide with dozens of violent street-level demonstrations across the Arab world in protest at the publication of a cartoon depiction of the Prophet Mohammed.

    The number of Danish websites alone - those carrying a ‘.dk’ suffix - knocked offline in the past week numbered 578 between 30 January and 6 February, according to, a cyber-crime observatory that tracks website defacements. Hundreds more websites of European, Israeli and American companies and private citizens have also been defaced during that period, with the vast majority occurring after the re-publication last week of the cartoons in European newspapers.

    ‘The number is nearly doubling every day,’ said Roberto Preatoni, the founder of A team of Zone-H technicians collect and verify reports of sabotaged Web sites from both victims and hackers. The number of attacked Web servers has been at record levels since the controversy reignited last week, Preatoni said.

    ‘This is the largest ever attack directed against a single country, bigger than the Intifada, the Chinese-U.S. spy plane incident, and even the war in Iraq.’

    Full story here: [LINK]

    O’Reilly’s head still firmly inserted inside rectum

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The idiocy from the Bill O’Reilly “Talking Points” memo today is so moronic, it’s not even worth getting genuinely angry about. O’Reilly, as usual, doesn’t seem to have read ANYTHING about the subject he’s “bloviating” on. He holds himself up to such a low journalistic standard, he really belongs in the same catergory as Morton Downey, Jr. Read this crap:

    Hi, I’m Bill O’Reilly. Thanks for watching us tonight. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans for winning the Super Bowl. Very hard-working team that should be admired.

    The “Talking Points Memo” is more terror war violence. Angry Muslims rioted in Beirut, burning the Danish embassy over some political cartoons in the Danish press that mock suicide bombers using images of Muhammad.

    Once again, the hair trigger rage of some Muslims is on display for the world. And if you don’t think this is a danger to the planet, then you’re not living on the planet.

    For a variety of reasons, many Muslims are willing to die in a jihad for just about any reason. You may remember the erroneous Newsweek report about the Koran abuse in Guantanamo Bay that led to 16 deaths and dozens of injuries. Paris burned a few months ago, as Muslims rioted over perceived bad treatment by the French. And all over the world, Islamic matches are out, ready to be lighted at almost any provocation.

    In Europe, millions of Muslims have set up their own quasi- states. Their allegiance primarily to Islam. And again, these people will fight and die for their religion.

    But many Europeans are not willing to fight because they have nothing to fight for! Organized religion has collapsed throughout much of Europe. And personal safety is put above any cause. Thus, Europe is generally weak in the face of growing Islamic ferocity with the exception of Great Britain.

    Here in this country, there’s a substantial minority that wants nothing to do with fighting the terror war. Everything the Bush administration has done to fight Al Qaeda is opposed by the far left. And it shocked troops at the ACLU.

    On the right, many big U.S. corporations refuse to sacrifice a dime to help in the terror war. We see this in the record oil company profits. — Exxon Mobil and the others are getting as much as they can in a turbulent market. Just today, oil rose again because of Iran.

    Now it seems to me that corporations should be helping out here, giving somewhat back to their country, which is fighting a vicious war. By the way, for that point of view, some on the right have labeled me a demagogue.

    The truth is the world is going to have to confront Islama-fascism or millions will perish. Iran cannot be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. Any waffling about that would be a catastrophe.

    “Talking Points” believes the war on terror and extremism in the Muslim world could be the most grave danger the USA and Europe has ever faced. We should all face that fact. God help us if we don’t.

    And that’s “The Memo.”

    So then after reading this memo, he interviewed some guy named Ralph Peters, a “former inteligence officer.” He and Bill traded back and forth, sneering at the Europeans. The gist was “Europe is having trouble controlling it’s Muslims again. Their weak. They don’t know how to handle it. We (meaning the U.S.) are going to have to bail them out again…” Then Mr. Peters opined that the rioting by Muslims worldwide was the fault of the Danish newspaper editors for publishing something offensive to Muslims, and Bill O’Reilly agreed with him! Peters added that he thought this was ironic, since (paraphrasing) “Europeans are always bragging to the world about how tolerant and sensitive to minorities they are compared to the U.S.”

    So to O’Reilly and Peters, my message is this: who the hell are you to criticize Europe right now?

    The European journalists, governments, and even its citizens have shown real guts on this issue. They have stood their ground, even though they have many more Muslims in their midst to be afraid of than the US has. In contrast, the US government has expressed solidarity with the rioting mobs, and the US media has expressed their cowering fear of them. This is not exactly the right moment to be Euro-bashing. Of course, this is to be expected. O’Reilly does not ever actually pay attention to the news, he just has his gum-smacking 18-year-old interns sum things up for him and take dictation on his opinions. So his “Talking Points Memo” was just written from memory, expressing the same very generalized, bigoted, jingoistic, pro-US, anti-Europe position he’s always expressed whenever the subject involves Europe in any way. He probably had his interns just copy and past lines from previous “Talking Points Memos.” But since he doesn’t support the right of the Editors to publish the cartoons anyway, and thinks that they are responsible for the way Muslims have been behaving worldwide, it’s clear that, even if he did actually do some research on the subject, he still wouldn’t get the point.

    The point is - we have Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in the West, and some of us still want to keep it. So fuck you, Bill O’ Reilly.

    I’ll have a raspberry Mohammedan and a large coffee, please…

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The idiot who coined the term “freedom fries” is responsible for this. From ADN Kronos International:


    Tehran - Iran has decided to rename Danish pastries “Mohammedan” pastry - a new twist in the crisis which has triggered protest by Muslims throughout the world against cartoons of Mohammed first published in Denmark. The name change recalls when some Americans started calling French fries, “Freedom fries” to protest France’s opposition to the United States-led invasion of Iraq.

    Isn’t it harem to eat Mohammed in the form of a pastry? That seems like more of a Christian way of worshipping…

    Full story here: [LINK]

    Confirmed: Italian Priest Murdered over toon rage

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Up until now the authorities would not confirm that the Italian Priest that was murdered by a teenage Muslim fanatic in Turkey was killed over “toon rage”, but now he has confessed. From Reuters:

    Turkey detains student over killing of priest

    ANKARA - Turkish security forces arrested a high school student on Tuesday over the killing of an Italian Catholic priest and Turkish television said the teenager had confessed to a crime which has shocked this Muslim nation.

    The student told police he was influenced by cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad, NTV commercial television said. The report could not be immediately confirmed.

    The state Anatolian news agency said the student, aged 16, had been carrying a 9 mm pistol when he was captured in the Black Sea city of Trabzon, where Andrea Santoro, 61, was gunned down on Sunday while praying.

    The Turkish government has strongly condemned the killing of Santoro, which coincides with increased religious tension worldwide following the publication of cartoons in some European and other newspapers lampooning the Prophet….

    Turkish television showed police bundling a man whose face was covered up into an armoured vehicle and driving off.

    Turkey, with a population of 72 million, is overwhelmingly Muslim and its tiny Christian population is barely 60,000. Turkey has seen street protests against the cartoons, but they have been peaceful, in contrast to some Muslim countries.

    A Vatican embassy spokesman in Ankara told Reuters on Monday the gunman had shouted “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “God is greatest”) as he shot Santoro.

    The Vatican has joined Muslim countries, including Turkey, in condemning the cartoons of the Prophet, saying freedom of speech does not mean freedom to offend a person’s religion.

    Kapitulation is not serving the Church well, it seems…

    Toon Rage Map Update

    February 7th, 2006 Brian

    Toon Rage Map

    Azerbaijan is now a “red state.”

    Cartoon War Escalates

    February 7th, 2006 cupid
    Iranian paper says it will hold contest for cartoons on the Holocaust Feb 7

    TEHRAN, Iran — A prominent Iranian newspaper said today it would hold a competition for cartoons on the Holocaust to test whether the West extends the principle of freedom of expression to the Nazi genocide as it did to the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

    Hamshahri, one of Iran’s largest papers, made clear the contest is a reaction to European newspapers’ publication of Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which have led to demonstrations, boycotts and attacks on European embassies across the Islamic world. Several people have been killed.

    Hundreds of Iranians hurled stones, and sometimes gasoline bombs, at the Danish and Austrian embassies in Tehran in protest against the cartoons Monday. Austria currently holds the European Union presidency.

    The newspaper said the contest would be launched Monday and co-sponsored by the House of Caricatures, a Tehran exhibition center for cartoons. The paper and the cartoon center are owned by the Tehran Municipality, which is dominated by allies of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, well-known for his opposition to Israel.

    Ahmadinejad, who was Tehran’s mayor until being elected president in June, provoked outcries last year when he said on separate occasions that Israel should be “wiped off the map” and the Holocaust was a “myth.”

    Iran said last month it would sponsor a conference to examine the scientific evidence supporting the Holocaust, an apparent attempt to give voice to Holocaust deniers.

    Hamshahri invited foreign cartoonists to enter the competition.

    “Does the West extend freedom of expression to the crimes committed by the United States and Israel, or an event such as the Holocaust? Or is its freedom only for insulting religious sanctities?” Hamshahri wrote, referring to the Prophet Muhammad cartoons.

    The cartoons were first published by a Danish newspaper in September. As Muslim protests mounted, numerous European newspapers have reprinted them in recent days in the name of free expression, provoking wider and angrier protests.

    The drawings — including one depicting the prophet wearing a turban shaped as a bomb — have touched a raw nerve in part because Islam is interpreted to forbid any illustrations of the Prophet Muhammad for fear they could lead to idolatry.

    He who pays the piper picks the toon

    February 7th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    This is a flashback post on an old story from September 30 (the same date that the forbidden toons were first published), but it may explain why Fox News of all channels has been so reluctant to show the Mohammed cartoons to its viewers, and why it has blatantly tried to downplay the story and omit important details. From FrontPage Magazine’s Frank L. Gaffney, Jr.:

    Fox’s Saudi Prince

    With surprisingly little media attention, Saudi Arabia has bought a stake in the company that owns what has been, until now, arguably its most visible and influential critic: the Fox News Network. Will this be the end of Fox’s “fair and balanced” coverage of the immense Saudi role in promoting Islamofascist terror? Or can American viewers rest assured that the royal Saudi buyer, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, has nothing more nefarious in mind than increasing his already vast fortune?

    The answer to this incalculably important question may lie in understanding who this prince is, and the nature of his deal with Rupert Murdoch, the principal owner of Fox’s parent, the News Corporation.

    Al-Waleed is said be the world’s fifth richest man and now NewsCorp’s fourth largest voting shareholder (behind the Murdoch family, Liberty Media and fund giant Fidelity Management & Research Co). Such a role would appear to give the Prince some say over the way the business is run. That could, presumably, extend to the content of Fox programming and that of the company’s other media outlets (which include DirecTV and 20th Century Fox).

    Full story here: [LINK]

    Toon Rage Map

    February 7th, 2006 Brian

    Toon Rage Map

    We created this to help you visualize the geography of the lands currently inflamed with Toon Rage. Each country in red is a nation in which protests, many of them violent, have taken place against the publication of cartoons in a Danish newspaper five months ago. Most of these protests started in the last few days.

    We will update the map as the rage spreads.

    Jerusalem Post breaks the toon taboo

    February 6th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From The Guardian:

    Jerusalem Post publishes Muhammad cartoons

    Read the story: [LINK]

    The wall of fear in Western journalism is starting to come down now. Fox News has been showing the crazy-bomb-head-Mohammed picture today, and many TV reporters/news analysts, such as Tucker Carlson, have been admitting that their networks aren’t showing the cartoons out of pure cowarice. Thankfully, though, all of the dhimmi appeasers in Western media and government have been outed now. We know who you are.

    For those outlets who still refuse to show the forbidden pictures, they are merely aiding and abetting the witchhunt of the editors who have decided to run them. If the jihadists succeed in assassinating any of these journalists, I think the news orgs that cowered in fear will have a certainly responsibility for it. If every newspaper and TV channel were showing the cartoons, the taboo would be broken, and no sane person would be able to make the arguement that they shouldn’t be printed. Not only that, but the jihadists simply wouldn’t be able to kill all of the offending journalists and editors. If the Western media would just show a tiny mustard seed of courage, they could suck all the wind out of the quickly-spreading wildfire of “toon rage.” But when they give in to intimidation from Mohammedians, they put all of those who refuse to give in under direct fire. It’s like they are ducking the bullets and letting the guy behind them get hit instead.

    Journalists, your cowardice will be remembered in the future. You have helped to weaken your own civilization. And it is no excuse to say “I was only taking orders from my editor.”

    Viva hate

    February 6th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    On February 3, the State Department of the US gave a press conference in which their spokesman, Sean McCormick, chastised all newspapers that had printed to offensive cartoons and expressed their solidarity with the Muslim world. When a journalist asked for his reaction to the “violence” spreading across Europe in response to the cartoons, McCormack questioned the use of the word “violence”, insisting there has merely been “protests.” The journalists apologized for misspeaking, and instead called it an “uproar.” See here:

    QUESTION: Yes? Can you say anything about a U.S. response or a U.S. reaction to this uproar in Europe over the Prophet Muhammad pictures? Do you have any reaction to it? Are you concerned that the violence is going to spread and make everything just -

    MR. MCCORMACK: I haven’t seen any — first of all, this is matter of fact. I haven’t seen it. I have seen a lot of protests. I’ve seen a great deal of distress expressed by Muslims across the globe. The Muslims around the world have expressed the fact that they are outraged and that they take great offense at the images that were printed in the Danish newspaper, as well as in other newspapers around the world.

    …we believe that it is an important principle that peoples around the world encourage dialogue, not violence; dialogue, not misunderstanding and that when you see an image that is offensive to another particular group, to speak out against that. Anti-Muslim images are as unacceptable as anti-Semitic images, as anti-Christian images or any other religious belief. We have to remember and respect the deeply held beliefs of those who have different beliefs from us. But it is important that we also support the rights of individuals to express their freely held views.

    QUESTION: So basically you’re just hoping that it doesn’t — I’m sorry I misspoke when I said there was violence, I meant uproar. Your bottom line is that both sides have the right to do exactly as they’re doing and you just hope it doesn’t get worse?

    Well, McCormack, it has gotten worse, and it has definitely gotten violent. The latest headlines:

    In Iran:
    Iranians hurl petrol bombs at Austrian embassy

    In Afghanistan:
    Protests Over Muhammad Caricatures Continue; Four Killed

    In Turkey:
    Catholic Priest Shot, Killed at Church in Turkey

    In Iraq:
    Cartoons: ‘Cut them to pieces’

    And again in Iraq:
    Danish soldiers come under attack in Iraq

    In Palestine:
    Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: Implementing Khomeini’s Fatwa against Salman Rushdie Would Have Prevented Current Insults to Prophet Muhammad

    In Chechnya:
    Chechnya bans Danish aid workers over cartoons

    In Pakistan:
    Pakistan medical assn to boycott European drugs over cartoons

    In Indonesia:
    Indonesia cartoon protests spread

    In India:
    Protest over Prophet’s cartoons in Kashmir

    In New Zealand:
    Cartoon rage spreads to New Zealand

    Also in Malaysia and Sudan:
    Protests Over Muhammad Drawings Intensify

    And now, the Northeast Intelligence Network has obtained a copy of a video being circulated in the Middle East that calls for a boycott of Danish products, and then calls for the assassination of the Editors of Jyllands-Posten, showing pictures of them in the sights of a rifle. View the video here: [VIDEO]

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali re: the Cartoonists

    February 6th, 2006 Rico

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali. If you don’t yet know who she is, catch up! The questions get harder from here on out!

    For those who do know her as one of the inspiring examples of bravery amidst the herds of cowards, here she is in Der Spigel with her usual crystalline explanation of what’s up with the “Cartoon” incident.

    Thanks to “Dhimmi Watch” for the pointer.

    Of course, you know, this means war (toon war, that is)

    February 6th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The great international toon-off has begun. From Australia’s (via Drudge):

    Iran to publish Holocaust cartoons
    IRAN’S largest selling newspaper announced today it was holding a contest on cartoons of the Holocaust in response to the publishing in European papers of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed.

    Yes, it’s true, Mahmoud, your toons can out-offend our toons, but our crazy zealots can never outbomb yours.

    Only our military can.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    Boring Game, the Fix was In, Worst Music in History

    February 6th, 2006 Rico

    OK, we watched. We watched the Super Bowl.

    The game was not good. Neither team played well. The Steelers were less incompetent than the Seahawks. The Steelers also had a major assist from an officiating crew that might as well have worn their price on their shirts. The bias in favor of the Steelers became so overt that the officials had to actually overturn one of the more outrageous dives they took for what was clearly the “media” favorite team (that one example being the overturned Hasselback “fumble”).

    But, the Super Bowl isn’t just a football game, it’s a spectacle. And, the best of the worst of the evening belonged to the “musical” entertainment.

    The New York Post’s Adam Buckman correctly notes that Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville set what will probably become the new benchmark for bad renditions of the “Star Spangled Banner”. But, he then goes on to claim that the Rolling Stones’ “performance was letter-perfect”. [LINK]

    Yeah, we guess, as long as one didn’t have to hear any of those letters.

    Jagger’s voice, (if you could even call it that) was so bad, so far from producing anything resembling a “note”, that it was painful. We have no problem with the idea of “old rockers”, WE are old, and ain’t about to give up rocking. But, this was like watching your grandparents have sex.

    And, those tunes! Ah-h-h-h-h-gh-! 66.6% percent of those tunes the Stones dragged out of the attic are so worn out, they’re shiny. They have been on our list of “songs we never need to hear again” for 25 years. We have heard a hundred bar bands do them better than the Rolling Stones did them last night, and they still sucked.

    The Super Bowl has a tradition surpassing the previous year for ever worse music. We have faith that they’ll set new lows next year.

    The Anglo-American media pusses out, again

    February 6th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    So we’re about 5 months into this Danish cartoon story, and about a week into the story as a major international news item. But almost no mainstream media outlets in the United States and Britain, be they print, broadcast TV, or cable TV, have been willing to even show the cartoons in question. So except for that minority of news consumers who read blogs, most people don’t even know what this story is actually about. They are undoubtedly picturing something much worse than what actually was published - something like the example posted below, for instance. It is important to the story to be able to see the catoons that have supposedly motivated this transcontinental hysteria.

    But if all you know about the story is what you see on Fox News Channel, for instance, or what you read in the New York Times, you have no idea what the story even is. You’ve been told that a Danish newspaper published some “anti-Islamic” cartoons, and now “the Muslims” are upset. You haven’t been told how widespread the violence is. You haven’t been given a chronology of events that illustrates how systematically and artificially the hysteria has spread. The destruction of the embassies in Syria and Lebanon was reported to you as though it was a single event, and after the fact, not chronologically as it happened. And if all you know is what the MSM has told you, and if you’re in America, you don’t even know about the protests in London in which they called for a new holocaust and a European 9/11. This story was actually completely ignored by the American media. There was not one American television report about the London demonstration. And if you consume only the American cable news, you haven’t even heard one single guest interviewed on any of these news shows who represents the position that the Danes have nothing to apologize for. Even Fox pundits were towing the network line this morning, which basically goes, “These Muslims are over-reacting, but the newspapers knew this would happen if they published the cartoons, and they shouldn’t have done it.”

    I feel like I’m living in Bizarro world. Everything is the opposite of the way it should be, and everyone is acting like that’s normal. If I believed what I saw on TV, I would think that there was something wrong with me - that I was the one who was crazy.

    But thanks to the internet, I know that there are at least a few hundred people in the world who still remember that 2 + 2 = 4, and that free speech doesn’t stop at insults. Indeed, the free speech legislation only exists to protect your right to insult your opponent, does it not?

    Even Alan Douche-owitz sees the obvious. In this interview with Danish TV, he calls the American media hypocrites and cowards for refusing to show the cartoons (thanks Brussels Journal): [VIDEO]

    More Mo from the Plus Ultra Photoshop Department

    February 6th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The winged horse that took him to Heaven wasn’t the only mythical beast that Mo liked to ride:

    “Freedom go to Hell?” Wish granted.

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    On Friday, members of the Islamic extremist group “Al-Muhajiroun”, most of them British citizens, marched in the streets of London with signs that read “Get ready for the real holocaust”, “Europe you will pay, 9/11 is on its way”, “Behead those who insult Islam”, and the leader in irony, “Freedom go to Hell”, or the more detailed version, “Freedom of expression go to Hell.”

    Well, of course, these phrases constitute deliberate incitement to murder and genocide. They are not protected in any Western democracy. But even if they were, the protestors have revealed that they clearly despise that protection. They don’t want “freedom.” They just want to cut of heads.

    Of course, everyone with a brain has been wondering why the heck the police did not immediately grant their request for a loss of freedom and arrest them during the demonstration. In addition to holding up these signs (which can be seen HERE), they were chanting similarly vile slogans, and were dressed up in Hamas-style “suicide bomber” outfits. The police have blatantly admitted that they didn’t make any arrests because they were afraid of the protestors.

    But after mulling it over for a couple of days, and with some urgin from the Tory party, and an outraged British public, Scotland Yard is finally going to investigate those who participated in the demonstration, and “possibly” make some arrests. From The Guardian:

    Arrest extremist marchers, police told

    Protesters in London who carried placards threatening suicide bombings and massacres in revenge for the Danish cartoons satirising the prophet Muhammad are to be investigated by Scotland Yard and could face arrest.

    Metropolitan police are considering the options after the demonstrations at the end of last week. A flurry of cross-party calls by MPs came at the weekend to pursue those responsible on the grounds that the threats were an incitement to murder.

    The slogans, written in the same style and in similar black felt-tip pen ink, urged Muslims to use violence. A protester was also photographed wearing a garment resembling a suicide bomber’s jacket. The man, Omar Khayam from Bedford, said he had no regrets about his style of dress, telling the Daily Express: “I didn’t go there to cause anyone any harm. I went along just to attend a protest. Yet I have been branded a suicide bomber overnight. Did I say, ‘Kill Jews?’ No. Did I have racist signs on me? No. So why this reaction?” He went on: “Yes, I would do it again to make a point. I could have gone along and held up banners or something, but this made the point better.”

    And from the Daily Telegraph:

    Arrest pedlars of hate, police urged

    Police were under pressure last night to adopt “a no tolerance” approach to Muslim demonstrators threatening violence in Britain after a third embassy was set on fire in the Middle East….

    The Conservatives called for firm action against any further militant demonstrations as police faced growing criticism over their failure on Friday to arrest protesters in London who chanted and carried placards glorifying the July 7 London bombings and threatening beheadings.

    The Counterterrorism Blog has a lot of interesting details on the story that haven’t appeared in the international MSM:

    “We Want Blood on the Streets of England”

    Despite intense press coverage of the latest Denmark cartoon controversy, many observers have deftly ignored the larger implications of the outcry from conservative Muslim circles at the perceived blasphemy of the Prophet Mohammed. Those implications are quite clear to me and should have been to anyone else who attended today’s raucous protest rally outside the Danish embassy in London organized by the Islamic militant group formerly known as Al-Muhajiroun. A representative of the organizers proclaimed through a loudspeaker that the cartoons were a desperate attempt to draw attention away from the “defeat” of the “infidels” in Iraq at the hands of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Loud cries reverberated through the crowd of hundreds calling upon Usama Bin Laden to “bomb Denmark”, alongside similar emphatic screams to “nuke Germany, nuke France, nuke the USA.” Other angry demonstrators demanded-as a result of the Danish cartoons-that Al-Qaida launch 9/11-style terrorist attacks not just in Denmark, but also in France, the U.K., and elsewhere. One protest organizer explained simply, “the language of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Usama Bin Laden is the only language that they understand.” When Al-Muhajiroun militants triumphantly burned a flag, it was not the Danish or Norwegian flag-but rather that of the European Union. Indeed, the uproar over the Danish cartoons is merely the latest eruption of growing tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims across the European continent. Eventually, it seems all but certain that these ongoing tensions will manifest themselves into further acts of terrorist violence. Anyone who remains skeptical of this serious threat to the political stability of Europe should come and listen to extremist British Muslims gleefully express their desire to “spread blood in the streets of England” in “another 7/7″-precisely as they did today in front of hundreds of police and other onlookers. There can be no clearer warning to the Western world.

    Of course, some people, like Associated Press writer Bassem Mroue believe that the Danish cartoons are part of a continuing effort by the West to oppress islam, a line con continuity which they say stretches back to the Middle Ages. Here’s what Mroue had to say (thanks to Meryl Yourish for pointing this out):

    One caricature showed the revered prophet wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with a burning fuse. That image that reinforced the belief among many Muslims that the U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were not simply in response to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks or the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, but part of a Western war against Islam little different from the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

    Wow! Cartoon = oppression. Not only that, there is “little difference” between a cartoon published in a newspaper, and a series of wars between the Caliphate and the Holy Roman Empire that took place more than a thousand years ago.

    Okie dokie then.

    Full article here: [LINK]

    Islam: Take some lessons from Hiroshima

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    To the followers of the religion of peace, here’s a message from the Plus Ultra Photoshop department:

    What would you do if the location of your sacred black meteorite was nothing but a smoldering crater?

    [Note: The original sign, held by an Islamic protestor in London on Friday, read “Europe. Take some lessons from 9/11.” This is the only fair reply.]

    Mastermind of USS Cole attack escapes from Yemeni prison …

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    … along with 22 of his closest friends. I’m sure there was no official complicity, though. From CNN:

    USS Cole plotter escapes prison

    Interpol has issued “an urgent global security alert” after 23 “dangerous individuals” — including a man identified as the mastermind of the attack on the USS Cole in 2000 — escaped from a Yemeni prison.

    The international crime-fighting organization said Sunday at least 13 of the 23 who escaped Friday were “convicted al Qaeda terrorists, some of whom were involved in attacks on U.S. and French ships in 2000 and 2002.”…

    They escaped via a 140-meter (150-yard) -long tunnel “dug by the prisoners and co-conspirators outside,” Interpol said.

    “Their escape cannot be considered an internal problem for Yemen alone.”

    Among the escapees was Jamal Ahmed Badawi, considered the mastermind behind the attack on the USS Cole on October 12, 2000.

    Badawi was sentenced to death in September 2004 for plotting the attack. Two suicide bombers blew up an explosives-laden boat next to the destroyer while the destroyer was in the Aden, Yemen, harbor for a routine fuel stop.

    The attack killed 17 sailors and wounded 39 others.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    Listen to a radio broadcast from Denmark in English

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Can’t get enough Toongate? Here’s a Danish radio station, WRN Banns Radio International, that has an English-language news broadcast available online. They have an interview with the editor of Jyllands-Posten. Click here to listen: [AUDIO]

    Mo’ “Less Mo”; Publish Your Own Mo Cartoons

    February 5th, 2006 Rico

    You don’t have to have a newspaper, or even a blog or website to “publish” your own Mo Cartoons.

    As a public service, Plus Ultra is linking to this downloadable file that you can use to print Mo cartoons on Avery labels, which you can then attach to any smooth, non-porous surface, such as enamel painted metal, glass, formica, hard rubber or vinyl.

    Click thumbnail to go to the “Less Mo” download site!


    Have fun, be inventive!!

    Danish embassy in Lebanon torched now!

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    I’m watching Fox and Friends now and they just started reporting that the Danish embassy in Lebanon is now being attacked. And for one thing, they started the report with no back story, acting as though they’ve been following the cartoon fallout all weekend, even though they’ve been totally ignoring it. And because they haven’t been following it, they didn’t understand it, and for the first five minutes they reported the new attack on the Danish embassy in Lebanon as though it were a continuation of the attack that happened on Friday. But that was the Danish embassy in Syria, and they also got the Norweigian embassy there. It took the reporters a while to figure out that they were two separate incidents: that the embassies in Syria got attacked on Friday, and right now, in a separate incident, it’s happening in Lebanon.

    I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday, but aren’t there any researchers for Fox News willing to come to work today?

    UPDATE: Fox has reported some interesting details as the day continues. For one thing, the “protestors” didn’t know which building was the Danish embassy, so that actually started off by attacking all of the buildings on that street. These included a building that was a headquarters for official rescue personnel. When the “protestors’ finally figured out which embassy was their main target, they began a full-scale onslaught of destruction, starting with the bottom floor. Then they worked their way up to the top floor. But then when they finished there, they found themselves in a bit of a pickle: they couldn’t go back downstairs because they had already set the ground floor on fire. So they climbed up to the roof and started shouting for help. They were eventually saved by the same rescue personnel whose headquarters they had just destroyed.

    UPDATE: Not that big of a surprise, but we’re getting news that they also destroyed the Dutch embassy in Beirut: [LINK]

    The Vatican weighs in on Toongate

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The Papal mitre.

    The High Priest of Dagon, wearing a hat made out of a fish.

    So what does the guy with the Babylonian fish-hat on his head think about the fact that Muslims are now apparently about to massacre everyone on Earth because some people in Denmark drew Mohammed? Let’s see what some of his spokesmen have said. From UPI (via Relapsed Catholic):

    Vatican: Don’t mock any religion

    VATICAN CITY: The Vatican Friday criticized western media for inflaming the Muslim world by running derogatory cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.

    Cardinal Archille Silvestrini, head of the Vatican’s department for Eastern Churches, told the Corriere della Sera freedom is not an absolute…

    “We, too, here in Europe, should rebel against the idea of mocking religious symbols,” Silvestrini said. “Freedom to satirize which offends other people’s feelings becomes prevarication.”

    The Italian news agency ANSA reported other clerics support Silvestrini’s position.

    “Freedom of the press, including satire, must stop where religious belief begins,”
    said Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, former archbishop of Ravenna .

    “There should be more respect for religion, whatever religion it is. What has happened over the last few days is an ugly, very ugly sign which should make us think.”

    Obviously it hasn’t affected you that way, Tonini. I don’t see any signs that it’s made you think very much at all.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, though. Please return to your prayers.

    Them’s fightin’ words: Islamic cleric issues not-so-veiled threat to Australia

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Again, thanks to Silent Running for alerting me to this. From Australia’s The Age:

    Don’t reprint cartoons: cleric

    A senior Islamic cleric has called on Australia’s media not to publish the cartoons which have sparked riots across the Muslim world.

    Sheik Fehmi El-Imam, the general secretary of the Board of Imams of Victoria, warned reprinting the cartoons here could “disturb people who can do things that we don’t want them to do”.

    “In some parts of the world there is rioting against the Danish and the Dutch, we don’t want that in Australia,” the sheikh said today.

    “Unfortunately, New Zealand has (published the cartoons) … I’m trying to avoid, to put far away, any possibility of disturbing the peace in Australia.”

    Full story here: [LINK]

    Tom Paine’s introductory comment to the story sums it up fully:

    Hey, nice country you guys got here… be a real shame if something terrible were to happen to it, know what I mean?

    Now that’s honor: Fan of clone faker kills himself

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Totally insane! This guy set himself on fire and killed himself in honor of the disgraced stem cell researcher/clone faker Hwang Woo-suk. From Reuters:

    S.Korean commits suicide over Hwang scientist case

    SEOUL - A South Korean truck driver killed himself on Saturday by setting himself on fire after distributing leaflets urging disgraced stem-cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk to resume his research, police said.

    The man in his late 50s, identified only by his family name Chung, doused his body with paint thinner in front of a historic statue in the center of Seoul in the early hours of Saturday. He died before reaching hospital.

    Witnesses saw Chung distribute about 30 leaflets calling for Hwang to carry on his studies before setting himself alight, a police official said by telephone.

    An investigation panel at Seoul National University said in January a team led by the once-heralded Hwang had deliberately faked two landmark papers on embryonic stem cells. Hwang resigned his post at the university in December.

    According to Yonhap news agency, the dead man was a member of an online chat cafe, “I love Hwang Woo-suk”, but had not actively participated in outdoor protests to support him.

    He left a memo in an Internet chatroom just before killing himself to call for a gathering in Seoul on Saturday in support of the disgraced researcher, the news agency said.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    Flashback: The Cure forced to remove “Killing an Arab” from their Greatest Hits album

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    In regards to the list of people who have been targeted by Muslims for thier writing or speech in the last few years, let us not forget the British band The Cure, who from the very beginning in 1979 had difficulty marketing their first single, “Killing an Arab”, because of the perceived anti-Arab connotation of the title. Of course, the song was based on the pivotal scene in Albert Camus’ The Stranger, in which the protagonist slays an Arab man during a row. Even in the original context of the book that inspired the song, the murder was not racially motivated - in fact it had no motivation. Of course the band explained this every time someone objected to the song. But by the time The Cure released their first Greatest Hits album in 1986, opposition from Muslim groups forced them to put a stupid yellow sticker on the outside of the album declaring that the song had no racist intent, and that it in fact was a song “decrying racism of all forms”, even though, in fact, the song wasn’t about racism at all. Finally, when they released their new Greatest Hits album in 2001, the song was so controversial that they simply had to pull it. They couldn’t have their own first single on their Greatest Hits album. Here’s something that was written about it at the time on Launch:

    One song left off the album is the controversial “Killing An Arab,” which could have created additional controversy in light of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. The song was included on the 1986’s Staring At The Sea: The Singles. Smith told LAUNCH about the track. “Suddenly it was drawn to the attention to a much, much wider audience, and in America there was a ferocious lobby for us to withdraw the album from the shelves or take the song off,” he said. “And I refused to compromise. I ended up doing a whole week of explanatory interviews in America and like radio and TV things explaining of course trying to get across it has nothing to do with killing Arabs. And unfortunately it fell at a time where there was a lot of anti-Arab feeling. It just kind of happened at the wrong time for us.”

    He added that, upon its release in the late ’70s, “the song actually sold very few copies, and it didn’t chart. It was taken from a French existentialist’s book, and it was being misconstrued and it was being misunderstood. It had nothing to do with racism.” Smith noted that some good did come out of the controversy. The band did some performances to benefit homeless Arab and Jewish children and various other organizations.

    Whitley Strieber asks “Was 9/11 a hoax?”

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The latest from Streiber’s Unknown Country website:

    Was 911 a Hoax?

    This man has come a long way from being a fiction horror writer who one day started claiming he had been abducted by aliens repeatedly throughout his entire life.

    Tories call on police to arrest the “protestors” for incitement to murder

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Of course it’s too late to arrest most of them, but at least someone’s finally saying the obvious. From the Daily Telegraph:

    Muslim protests are incitement to murder, say Tories

    The Conservatives last night called on the police to arrest militant Muslims who threatened Westerners with violence during protests in London over newspaper cartoons that mocked the Prophet Mohammed.

    As fanatics - some dressed as suicide bombers - staged more protests yesterday, David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said the police should take action against what were clearly offences of incitement to murder.

    At the height of the protests on Friday demonstrators chanted slogans threatening more London bombings, praising the “magnificent” 9/11 hijackers and waving placards saying “Massacre those who insult Islam”, “Europe you will pay” and “Europe you’ll come crawling when Mujahideen come roaring”.

    Mr Davis said last night: “Clearly some of these placards are incitement to violence and, indeed, incitement to murder - an extremely serious offence which the police must deal with and deal with quickly.

    “Whatever your views on these cartoons, we have a tradition of freedom of speech in this country which has to be protected. Certainly there can be no tolerance of incitement to murder.”

    Scotland Yard said a decision not to arrest protesters was taken because of public order fears. [Editor’s note: WTF?] It confirmed that police had received more than 100 complaints from the public about the protesters’ behaviour.

    Read the whole article: [LINK]

    PTA freaks out over Faust

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From the AP (thanks to Jason Kesselring of Skye Klad for pointing this out):

    Faust Opera Video Stirs Angry Parents

    Some parents in this prairie town are angry with an elementary school music teacher for showing pupils a video about the opera “Faust,” whose title character sells his soul to the devil in exchange for being young again.

    “Any adult with common sense would not think that video was appropriate for a young person to see. I’m not sure it’s appropriate for a high school student,” Robby Warner said after two of her children saw the video.

    Another parent, Casey Goodwin, said, “I think it glorifies Satan in some way.”

    Tresa Waggoner showed approximately 250 first-, second- and third-graders at Bennett Elementary portions of a 33-year-old series titled “Who’s Afraid of Opera” a few weeks ago. [Editor’s note: Who’s afraid of opera? Question answered!]

    The video features the soprano Dame Joan Sutherland and three puppet friends discussing Gounod’s “Faust.” Waggoner thought it would be a good introduction to opera.

    Her critics questioned the decision to show children a portrayal of the devil, Mephistopheles, along with a scene showing a man being killed by a sword and a reference to suicide…

    “I was definitely not sensitive to the conservative nature of the community, and I’ve learned that,” Waggoner said in Sunday’s editions of The Denver Post. “However, from what has been said about me, that I’m a Satan worshipper, my character, I can’t believe all of this. My intention was just to expose the kids to opera.”

    Full story: [LINK]

    Flashback: Brigitte Bardot prosecuted for offending Muslims in 2004

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Michelle Malkin has a short film up on her website about people who have been targeted for criticizing Muslims, such as Salman Rushdie, Theo Van Gogh, and the Danish cartoonists. I thought it would be in order to flack back to another case that happened a couple of years ago:

    Brigitte Bardot fined for inciting racial hatred

    PARIS - French actress-turned-animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot was convicted Thursday of inciting racial hatred and ordered to pay $6,000 — the fourth such fine for the former sex symbol since 1997….

    In the book, she laments the “Islamization of France” and the “underground and dangerous infiltration of Islam.”

    “Mme. Bardot presents Muslims as barbaric and cruel invaders, responsible for terrorist acts and eager to dominate the French to the extent of wanting to exterminate them,” the court said…. [Editor’s note: What part of that presentation is incorrect, exactly?]

    Bardot’s attacks on Muslims prompted anti-racism groups to launch legal proceedings against the former star, who turned her back on film after 46 films to concentrate on animal welfare.

    Bardot, who in her 1960s heyday was the epitome of French feminine beauty, was fined $3,250 in January 1998 after being convicted of inciting racial hatred in comments about civilian massacres in Algeria.

    Four months earlier, a court fined her for saying France was being overrun by sheep-slaughtering Muslims.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    South Park already did Mohammed in Season 4

    February 5th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    A couple of days ago I wrote to the guys at South Park begging them to rush out an episode as fast as possible featuring the Prophet Mohammed as a character. Who knows if they’ll read my email or not. I still think they should do it soon in response to “Toongate”, but I had forgotten that they already had an episode which featured Mo. It was the “Super Best Friends” episode, and, as the Daily Telegraph reveals, it has already been screened in Britain twice without incident:

    Mohammed’s appearance on South Park fails to spark outcry

    An episode of South Park, the controversial American cartoon show, which featured a visual portrayal of the prophet Mohammed, has been screened on British television twice and can currently be viewed on the internet.

    The episode, entitled The Super Best Friends, did not attract a single complaint from Muslim clerics when it was aired by Channel 4 in 2002 and 2003. The lack of protest is in stark contrast to the controversy over the recent newspaper publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed.

    The episode casts Mohammed as a Muslim super-hero who joins forces with Jesus and Moses, both of whom are considered prophets in the Muslim faith.

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the show’s creators, gave each of the religious figures a set of special powers to take on a rival Church founded by David Blaine, the American illusionist.

    In one scene Mohammed is shown rising in the air so he can do battle with the Lincoln Memorial, which has been brought to life by Blaine. The prophet, who is swatted away by the statue, cries: “Is it too powerful, Jesus?”

    They decide the only way to defeat the Lincoln monster is to build a giant statue of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated the real Abraham Lincoln.

    Shakeel Ali, the head of the Glasgow branch of Young Muslims UK, said the lack of outrage over the South Park episode was probably due to the fact that most Muslims were not aware of it.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    And here’s a screenshot. That’s Mo on the left, behind Buddha:

    Here’s where you can view a short clip of the episode: [LINK]

    Cyber-terror wave spreads along with toon controversy

    February 4th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    As I stated earlier, Plus Ultra and down on Friday morning because of two waves of attacks from Islamic cyber-terrorists who were upset about the fact that I had posted the offensive Danish cartoons, and other pictures, music, and commentary derisive of Islam. Plus Ultra was certainly not the only victim. There has been a wave of cyber-terror spreading in connection with the growing cartoon controversy. (Of course, calling it a “controversy” hardly seems applicable anymore, since I think it’s about to spark a major bloodbath.) Several other websites have been temporarily disabled, sometimes numerous times, during the last few days due to cyberterror, including:

    Little Green Footballs
    The Religion of Peace
    The Brussels Journal
    Israel National News

    Also, Laurence Simon of This Blog is full of Crap received a very serious death threat. Also, Wikipedia’s article about the “cartoon controversy” had currently been locked, unlike all of their other articles, which are available to be edited, because:

    As a result of recent vandalism, editing of this page by new or anonymous users is temporarily disabled. Changes can be discussed on the talk page, or you can request unprotection.

    The DANEgerus Weblog managed to get a screen shot of the Wikipedia entry right at the time that it was being hacked:

    Spineless New Zealand government wags finger at newspapers for publishing cartoons

    February 4th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Thanks to Silent Running for pointing me to this:

    New Zealand braces for cartoon fallout

    New Zealand is braced for fallout from the Islamic world after two newspapers published controversial Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, with a potential trade ban by Iran the main concern.

    New Zealand diplomats in Muslim countries were also warned to take precautions against possible threats to staff and property, the Sunday Star Times reported.

    The New Zealand government attacked the two newspapers, both owned by Australia’s Fairfax group, with Trade Negotiations Minister Jim Sutton dubbing them “gratuitously offensive” and saying that by upsetting Muslim nations the publishers were putting the nation’s economy at risk.

    The government’s immediate worry was a reported threat by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to review all economic relations with countries where the cartoons had been published.

    Iran is an important market for New Zealand, buying more than $NZ100 million ($A91 million) in goods annually from the world’s biggest exporter of dairy products.

    Face it NZ. You’re going to lose those Iranian accounts soon enough anyway for reasons totally unrelated to cartoons. No sense in losing your dignity over that.

    Australia’s now been threatened with the same boycott for the same reason. I hope their government will not respond in the same way.

    Jordanian editors arrested for publishing cartoons

    February 4th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    From the BBC, via Drudge:

    Two Jordan editors are arrested

    Two Jordanian newspaper editors who published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad have been arrested.

    Jihad Momani and Hisham Khalidi are accused of insulting religion under Jordan’s press and publications law.

    Mr Momani was fired from the weekly Shihan after reproducing the cartoons - originally printed in Denmark - which have caused a global storm of protest….

    “Muslims of the world be reasonable,” wrote Mr Momani.

    “What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?”

    Mr Khalidi, whose al-Mehwar newspaper had also reprinted the cartoons, was detained late on Saturday. Al-Mehwar had reproduced the cartoons over a week ago to accompany an article on the condemnation they had sparked.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    British Muslims call for new holocaust

    February 4th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    These are pictures from a protest that took place in London on Friday after the BBC showed the cartoons on News Night for a split second:

    So a bunch of self-proclaimed terrorist sympathizers stood around with signs threatening to committ mass genocide, and the police stood around protecting them. Parliament just narrowly missed passing a bill prohibiting Religious Hate Speech. Is this the type of thing that would have been covered under the bill? I would think that messages like this would already be illegal in England. I certainly hope that everyone who showed up at this rally is being investigated right now.

    Remember how after 7/7, the British people kept asking themselves how anyone with such extreme beliefs and murderous tendencies could have been born and raised in their own country? Well, Brits, looks like you’ve got a lot more of those people where they came from.

    The Canadian Globe and Mail today contained this choice bit (thanks to Lost Budgie):

    “The protests in the Middle East have proven that the cartoonist was right,” said Tarek Fatah, a director of the Muslim Canadian Congress.

    “It’s falling straight into that trap of being depicted as a violent people and proving the point that, yes, we are.”

    Danish and Norwegian embassies in Syria set ablaze

    February 4th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The conflict over Toongate continutes to escalate. From Reuters:

    Embassies torched as cartoon furor grows

    DAMASCUS - Furious Syrians set fire to the Danish and Norwegian embassies on Saturday as protests over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad showed no signs of abating despite calls for calm.

    Oil giant Iran, already embroiled in a dispute with the West over its nuclear program, said it was reviewing trade ties with countries that have published such caricatures.

    Chanting “God is Greatest”, thousands of protesters stormed the Danish embassy, burned the Danish flag and replaced it with a flag reading “No God but Allah, Mohammad is His Prophet”.

    The fire badly damaged the building but no one was hurt as the embassy was closed.

    Demonstrators also set the Norwegian embassy ablaze. That too was brought under control by firefighters.

    Police fired teargas to disperse protesters there and also used water hoses to hold back others from storming the French embassy. Riot police were deployed to protect the U.S. mission.

    Full story here: [LINK]

    ULTRA stampede

    February 4th, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Tons of people have been coming to this website looking for information on the “ULTRA stampede.” Here’s the story you are looking for, from ABS-CBN Interactive:

    61 killed in ULTRA stampede

    At least 66 people were trampled to death Saturday morning when a stampede broke out at ULTRA stadium in Pasig City where the first anniversary celebration of ABS-CBN’s game show Wowowee would be held at noon.

    The cause of the stampede was unclear although radio reports indicated that thousands of people lining up at the stadium’s entrance panicked when someone shouted “bomb.”

    Pasig City Mayor Vicente Eusebio said the latest count on the fatality as of posting time stood at 66 but the figure could increase.

    Podcast reacts to Danish cartoons

    February 3rd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The Shire Network News podcast this week is not to be missed: [LINK]

    US State Department sides with Islamic radicals

    February 3rd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Thanks to Michelle Malkin for alerting me to the latest from our State Department:

    The United States blasted the publication by European newspapers of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as unacceptable incitement to religious or ethnic hatred.

    “These cartoons are indeed offensive to the beliefs of Muslims,” State Department spokesman Justin Higgins said when queried about the furore sparked by the cartoons which first appeared in a Danish newspaper.

    “We all fully recognize and respect freedom of the press and expression but it must be coupled with press responsibility,” Higgins told AFP.

    “Inciting religious or ethnic hatreds in this manner is not acceptable. We call for tolerance and respect for all communities and for their religious beliefs and practices.”

    Hacked, but still breathing

    February 3rd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Well, we’re back, after a one-two punch from cyberterrorists knocked us out.

    I’ll have to re-submit my last post, which got lost in the fracas.

    London police “faked evidence” on De Menezes

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    This story is a couple of days old, but still worth reviewing. Of course, we’ve known the Met police were lying all along, but now it’s official. From the AFP:

    London police ‘faked evidence’ on shot Brazilian: report

    Undercover London police officers faked vital evidence to cover up their fatal role in the shooting of innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, mistaken for a suicide bomber, a newspaper has alleged.

    Special Branch officers from London’s Metropolitan Police tried to change a surveillance log detailing the electrician’s movements to hide the fact that they had wrongly identified him, the News of the World weekly claimed….

    The alleged cover-up meant the blame for the tragedy would have been pinned on senior Met Police commanders or the armed police who fired the bullets — leaving them open to murder charges, the newspaper said.

    The revelations are apparently contained in the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)’s report into the death, which was delivered to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) 10 days ago.

    A Special Branch officer mistakenly reported that De Menezes was Hussein Osman, 27, who is facing charges of conspiracy to murder in connection with the July 21 incident.

    However, once they realised their fatal error, the log was altered to read that no positive identification had been made.

    A government department source told the tabloid: “It says the log was actually tampered with in a major way.

    “In particular the words AND and NOT were inserted about the Osman ID, so it read ‘and it was not Osman’ rather than ‘it was Osman’.”

    The log was allegedly changed at a debriefing meeting 10 hours after the Brazilian was gunned down.

    Read the full story: [LINK]

    Jyllands-Posten concedes loss

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    A sad quote from the New York Times (thanks to Dhimmi Watch):

    “… Carsten Juste, the editor in chief of Jyllands-Posten, said the principle to be drawn from the debate was that opponents of press freedom had secured a victory. “My guess is that no one will draw the Prophet Muhammad in Denmark in the next generation, and therefore I must say with deep shame that they have won,” he said in an interview with the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tiden.”

    Ansar al-Islam declares “It’s on” with Europe

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Europe, you just got “served.” From Hjörtur Gudmundsson at The Brussels Journal:

    “The War is On”

    Yesterday (Thursday) Mullah Krekar, the alleged leader of the Islamist group Ansar al-Islam who has been living in Norway as a refugee since 1991, said that the publication of the Muhammad cartoons was a declaration of war. “The war has begun,” he told Norwegian journalists. Mr Krekar said Muslims in Norway are preparing to fight. It does not matter if the governments of Norway and Denmark apologize, the war is on.

    Full story: [STORY]

    Alright, Mullah. Bring it! It’s on!

    You keep burning flags screaming and jumping up and down and ululating and boycotting and trying to hack our websites, and those of us who support our Western civil liberties will keep publishing pictures like this one (from retecool):

    Here are some of the events that have occurred in the “cartoon war” just in the last few days:

    German man kidnapped, then released, by Palestinians upset about the cartoons

    Gunmen stormed EU offices in the Gaza strip

    Hizbollah has threatened the entire continent of Europe and encouraged suicide bombings in Denmark

    Iran has threatened to retaliate against those who “blaspheme Islam.”

    A fatwa has been issued againt Danish soldiers

    All of the newspapers and many of the websites that have republished the pictures have received death threats. The UN’s Kofi Annan, instead of condeming the death threats, has condemned the newspapers. The French government had criticized the French papers that reprinted the cartoons. British and American newspapers won’t print them. Cable news has just now picked up the story, five months into it, and now they treat it as a comedy piece. (”Ha ha. Isn’t it funny how upset the Muslims got?”) But on some level, they realize that it is serious, because two of the three cable news channels won’t show the cartoons.

    Doesn’t look like we’re really that enthusiastic about defending our liberties, eh? You’ll be sorry. If we give in to this pressure, it’s going to get much, much worse, really soon.

    MSNBC and CNN too chicken to show the Mohammed cartoons

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Tonight on the cable news shows, Fox News was the only channel willing to actually show the controversial comics. CNN pixilated them, while MSNBC chose not to show them at all.

    So the Muslim protests have been effective. They have caused our own media to censor themselves in fear of Muslim retaliation.

    CNN issued this statement explaining themselves (thanks Michelle Malkin):

    The international storm over cartoon drawings of the Prophet Mohammad published in European media gathered pace across the Islamic world Thursday with angry demonstrations and the shutting down of the EU office in Gaza City.

    In Paris, the daily newspaper France Soir fired its managing editor after it republished the caricatures Wednesday, and in Pakistan protesters marched chanting “Death to Denmark” and “Death to France.”

    Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as saying the cartoons — one depicting the founder of Islam wearing a turban resembling a bomb -showed press freedom should have its limits.

    Muslims consider it sacrilegious to produce a likeness of the Prophet Mohammad. CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam.

    And here’s a video clip (provided by Michelle Malkin) of NBC Nightly News also explaining how they will not show the cartoons “out of respect for Islam”: [VIDEO].

    Did I wake up in a parallel universe today? Did the caliphate take over the US last night while I was sleeping?

    Let’s take it all the way, folks. Tomorrow morning I expect to see Katie Couric in a burqa!

    All we are saying, is give terrorists a chance

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman


    Jimmy Carter: Give Hamas a chance
    Former president says U.S. should not cut off aid to Palestinians

    Hamas deserves to be recognized by the international community, and despite the group’s militant history, there is a chance the soon-to-be Palestinian leaders could turn away from violence, former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday.

    Read the full story: [LINK]

    Jon “the Impaler” Arrested

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Poor Jonathan. Outstanding warrants from Indiana caught up with him when his campaign for Governor of Minnestoa made him famous. From WCCO TV:

    ‘Impaler’ Claims He Did Nothing Wrong

    Milaca, Minn. A fringe candidate for governor who played up his satanic side — and pledged public impalement for terrorists — wound up behind bars Tuesday thanks to a sharp-eyed sheriff’s dispatcher.

    Jonathon Sharkey, 41, of Princeton, Minn. was arrested Monday night on two felony counts from Indiana, said Mike Smith, the Mille Lacs County jail administrator. One warrant was for escape, another for stalking against a former girlfriend.

    “(Authorities are) very well aware of my ex-fiancee’s vicious and malicious attacks against me,” Sharkey said.

    In a phone interview from jail, Sharkey said he did nothing wrong because he never signed his probation papers.

    “I never signed the order of probation to begin with, never agreeing to it,” Sharkey said. “Hence, if the contract was not signed, it’s null and void.” [Editor’s note: This is how he plans to get out of his contract with the Devil regarding the eternal status of his soul, which he technically never signed either.]

    Buried in the paper trails of lawsuits is an even stranger claim: that Sharkey once faked his own death.

    “I overdosed on over 120 tranquilizers,” Sharkey told WCCO-TV. “That definitely lowers your heartbeat real good.” [Editor’s note: Jonathan says that drug dealers should be impaled in front of the State Capitol building. And yet he himself uses drugs for purposes other than those intended. Hypocrisy has been found in the Minnesota Vampyres, Witches and Pagans party!]

    Sheriff Brent Lindgren said Sharkey’s warrants were discovered by a dispatcher making routine warrant queries. Lindgren said the dispatcher had seen news stories about Sharkey’s campaign and recognized the name on the warrant — Rocky Flash — as a name Sharkey had used as a pro wrestler.

    Sharkey was arrested by police in Princeton without incident, Lindgren said. He remained in the jail Tuesday pending extradition proceedings.

    Sharkey said he plans to fight his extradition to Indiana. He is being held on $100,000 bond for escape charges. No bail has been set for the stalking charges.

    Full story, and video report, here: [LINK]

    And click here to have a look at Jonathan’s “Darkside”.

    Comparisons between the Washington Monument and a Cathedral in Milan

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    This guy is doing some interesting research on the Masonic symbolism in the geometry of Washington, D.C. check out his latest:

    Washington DC Monumental Core Shown to Be Analogous to The Plan for the Milan Cathedral

    Newspapers across Europe reprint Mohammed cartoons in defiance

    February 2nd, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Looks like some people in the press in Europe are standing up for their rights. From BBC News:

    Muhammad cartoon row intensifies
    Newspapers across Europe have reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to show support for a Danish paper whose cartoons have sparked Muslim outrage.

    Seven publications in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain all carried some of the drawings.

    Their publication in Denmark led Arab nations to protest. Islamic tradition bans depictions of the Prophet.

    The owner of one of the papers to reprint - France Soir - has now sacked its managing editor over the matter.

    Read the full story: [LINK]

    Read the reaction at Silent Running: [LINK]

    Also, for an update on our previous post on this story, it appears that not all of the American neo-con fondue parties in support of Denmark have been canceled, as some prefer to tell themselves that the newspaper Jyllands-Posten did not really cave in to Muslim intimidation when it issued its apology. You see, they apologized for offending the Muslims, but not for publishing the cartoons…

    Note also: not all of the neo-con fondue parties are in America, either. The Brussels Journal is now flying the banner “We are all Danes now.” OK, I’ll play along: “Ich bin ein Copenhagener.” (That’s “I am a raspberry Danish” in German.)

    Well, I cetainly give moral support those who have taken a stand against the pressure from the Muslim community to censor European newspapers. But I also refuse to believe that buying expensive cheese online from Denmark is going to have any effect on this particular problem. Don’t get me wrong, though. I do like fancy cheese. I wouldn’t turn it down if offered, or try to discourage anyone else from buying it. And a so-called “anti-boycott” by other Europeans might be somewhat effective. Buy how long can the American supporters keep it up? It’s a lot easier to boycott something than it is to consistently buy more of it than you normally would as a political message. The Muslims have kept up a mounting level of indignation about this issue of the Danish cartoons for five months already. My guess is that they have the patience and the will necessary to keep up their boycott for years. They’ll do a lot more than that too, I’m sure. But how many weeks in a row will you make an extra expenditure for imported fancy cheese before you forget about it and move on? My guess is, a month and a half, at most.

    Here’s what piglet has to say, from the comic strip Day by Day [thanks to Dodgeblogium]:

    Zawahiri invites George W. Bush to convert to Islam

    February 1st, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    The latest Zawahiri tape offers President George W. Bush a new life as a fellow freedom fighter in the Islamic resistance. He says:

    “Should you accept, you become a brother and God forgives you all that is past.

    No word from Scott McClellan yet on whether or not Bush has changed his religious affiliation in response to the offer.

    Read the full story: [LINK]

    British prison run by Al Qaeda

    February 1st, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Check this out. The headline is no exaggeration. They are forcing the other prisoners to convert or die. From the Daily Mirror:

    Fanatic thugs in razor attacks on prisoners Inmates are ordered to take up Islamic faith Chapel used to groom gang for terrorism

    VIOLENT Islamic extremists are terrorising inmates at Britain’s toughest jail with an iron fist as they trawl for al-Qaeda recruits.

    The gang of thugs - known as The Muslim Boys - intimidate frightened inmates at Belmarsh into joining their faith, beating those who refuse their bullying demands.

    Some bloodied victims have been slashed by razor blades attached to toothbrushes. Others have had boiling water hurled over them. Prisoners say they are in fear for their lives.

    The brutal brotherhood - whose gang on the outside is the Yard’s Public Enemy No 1 - also host weekly “religious” meetings where it is feared members are groomed for terrorism by al-Qaeda chiefs.

    Watching guards are helpless to take action as they do not understand what is being said. Some have been attacked at the “services”.

    In a bid to break the network, leaders have been transferred to other jails. But others step into their shoes.

    The reign of terror is disclosed in a leaked report - seen by the Mirror - from Belmarsh’s head of security.

    Full story: [LINK]

    The Existentialist videos that exist in a non-existant locality

    February 1st, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    So the other day I was in the Multnomah County Library trying to pick up a few books. By coincidence, one of the books I looked up in the electronic catalogue cross-referenced a three-volume set of video documentaries about Existentialism. The catalogue said that there was a copy of the video set available and in stock right there at my branch. So I went to the “Popular Library”, where they keep all the videos, and looked for it. It wasn’t there. I asked for help from the librarian on duty at the “Popular Library.” She looked for it and also couldn’t find it. I noticed that the video set I was looking for had a Dewey Decimal number associated with it, whereas the rest of the videos in the “Popular Library” do not. They were arranged alphabetically by title. So she told me to check upstairs with the nonfiction books, in the same section that the Dewey Decimal number indicated, which was with the Existentialist books.

    But when I went up there, I couldn’t find it there either. There were no videos at all, just books. So I went to the librarian in charge of that section and asked her where it was. She said the videos should be on the shelf there. I assured her they weren’t. Then she said that, since they were videos, they were probably down in the “Popular Library.” I told her that I had already looked there. Then she started to get really angry with me. She said, “Well, they must be there.” But I told her I was certain that they weren’t, and it made sense that they weren’t since they were a non-fiction documentary about Existentialism, and they had a Dewey Decimal number, unlike everything else in the “Popular Library.” Yet they were definitely listed as being “in stock” at that library, and as having that Dewey Decimal number. So we were at an impasse. She insisted that the videos must be in the “Popular Library”, and yet I could prove that they weren’t. “Well, I don’t know what to tell you”, she said.

    “So these videos that are listed in the catalogue as being in stock don’t actually exist”?, I asked. I actually didn’t think until later about the implications of what I was saying.

    “They exist”, she insisted, really impatient now, “but they aren’t there.”

    I grasped to try to understand. “So the videos exist, but the place that they’re in does not exist.” She looked at me as though I was an idiot, then looked confused, and then agreed with me that, indeed, this was the case. And so I went on my way, and proceeded to try to check out the rest of my books.

    It wasn’t until I got into the elevator to go downstairs that I realized the profound Existential questions that the experience raised. Did the videos exist if, indeed, the place in which they existed could not be found? I went back to the “Popular Library” to double-check, and, sure enough, the videos still were not there. I proceeded to check out with the rest of my books, and as I gave the counter clerk my library card, I recounted the story of my search for the videos, to see if she had any ideas about where to find them. She could only agree that, yes, the videos existed, but in some unknowable place that could not be accessed and, therefore, might as well not exist. Any further attempt to locate them was a hopeless, Sisyphean attempt at futility.

    To make the whole story even more absurd and meaningless, the librarian then told me that I had $37 in fines to pay, and I ended up walking away empty-handed. So even if the videos has existed, or if the place in which they were kept had existed, I wouldn’t have been able to check them out. So they might as well not exist at all, as far as I’m concerned.

    By the same logic, Hollywood Video might as well not exist for me. $102 in fines for keeping “The Lord of The Rings” for two weeks? F%$* that !

    Sort of reminds me of this picture, which ran in the very first issue of , Dagobert’s Revenge Magazine in 1996:

    BTW: The headline to this post could also be:


    It’s like a TBN apocalypse movie come true…

    February 1st, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    You know all those Christian apocalypse movies and novels where they adapt St. John’s Revelation to modern times and always show the anti-Christ uniting the world into a single government via either the UN or the EU? Well, the UN has just snapped into character again, right on cue:

    From WorldNetDaily:

    U.N. pushing to end nation-states
    Plan drafted to end disease, poverty, war

    The U.N. has a plan to make every Miss America Pageant contestant happy by bringing about “world peace.”

    All it will take, says the draft of a visionary proposal by the U.N. Development Program, is to getting rid of all the pesky nations of the world.

    In fact, the plan endorsed by prominent world figures including Nobel laureates, bankers, politicians and economists to end nation-states as we know them is also designed to end health pandemics, poverty and “global warming.”

    Full story here: [STORY]

    Well, folks. Looks like its time to stock up your “Tribulation survival kit”, which we keep packed of course, just in case, by some freak accident, an errant atheistic thought somehow enters our mind just at the exact moment that the Rapture occurs, and we tragically miss the boat.

    Sisyphus anti-boycotts Harvati cheese for no reason

    February 1st, 2006 Tracy Twyman

    Another news story that has taken on a Sisyphean flavor is the ongoing saga of the cartoons depicting the “Prophet” Muhammed published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which have inflamed furor across the Muslim world. This has led to protests and riots, fatwas and death threats, boycotts of Danish goods by Muslim countries, and an official censure of the Danish government by the UN for failing to censor and/or punish the newspaper. It is now over four months since the cartoons were published, but the outrage is still ongoing. It’s amazing how a few silly little drawings published in another country’s newspaper infuriate people in the Muslim world more than, say, the oppression and poverty rampant in their own countries.

    Jyllands-Posten has been fairly adamant all along in defending their right to publish the cartoons. If you want to see them, here they are:

    They’re fairly innocuous. The newspaper published them because they new they would get a rise out of people. They were making a point about Muslim intolerence of the Western tradition of free speech. They were testing the limits. But I don’t think they knew it would become such an international incident.

    Anyway, over the last few days, a number of blogs tried to start a Danish “anti-boycott.” They were encouraging people to “buy Danish” in order to support the Danish citizens for not caving in - in other words, for not forcing their government to force the newspaper to issue an apology, which is what the UN wanted them to do. These things never work. They’re always stupid. They never end up affecting the people who they are supposed to influence, like the idiotic “French boycott” at the beginning of the Iraq war. Even if he does feel the pressure because of the decreased sales, what affect does a winemaker in Bordeaux have on Chirac in Paris? Are all the winemakers going to march on the Champs de Elysees screaming “Jacques!” Please send ze army to Iraq! Ze Americans aren’t buying our wine anymore!”? Of course not. And an anti-boycott on Danish products in support of offensive cartoons in a newspaper is about as convoluted as it gets. This is underlined by the fact that the only Danish product the blogs could recommend to their readers was some weird kind of fancy cheese (Harvati). And what are the cheese-makers going to do to influence the editors of the newspapers, exactly?

    Nothing, is your answer. Danish cheesemakers experienced a sudden upsurge in internet mail orders from America for approximately 18 hours, before it was announced that Jyllands-Posten had issued an apology to the Muslim community for offending them. The fight was over, the Danes surrendered, and all the American neo-con fondue parties were cancelled. Another pointless Sisyphean exercise, and a loss for Western civilization.

    I now feel free to return to my previous level of importing Danish goods, which was, give or take, about 0%.

    Anyway, if you were offended by the Mohammed cartoons, here are some other things to offend you:

    An offensive drawing, which I found on the Zombietime website:

    An offensive song called “The Holy Koran.”