Sisyphus anti-boycotts Harvati cheese for no reason

Another news story that has taken on a Sisyphean flavor is the ongoing saga of the cartoons depicting the “Prophet” Muhammed published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which have inflamed furor across the Muslim world. This has led to protests and riots, fatwas and death threats, boycotts of Danish goods by Muslim countries, and an official censure of the Danish government by the UN for failing to censor and/or punish the newspaper. It is now over four months since the cartoons were published, but the outrage is still ongoing. It’s amazing how a few silly little drawings published in another country’s newspaper infuriate people in the Muslim world more than, say, the oppression and poverty rampant in their own countries.

Jyllands-Posten has been fairly adamant all along in defending their right to publish the cartoons. If you want to see them, here they are:

They’re fairly innocuous. The newspaper published them because they new they would get a rise out of people. They were making a point about Muslim intolerence of the Western tradition of free speech. They were testing the limits. But I don’t think they knew it would become such an international incident.

Anyway, over the last few days, a number of blogs tried to start a Danish “anti-boycott.” They were encouraging people to “buy Danish” in order to support the Danish citizens for not caving in - in other words, for not forcing their government to force the newspaper to issue an apology, which is what the UN wanted them to do. These things never work. They’re always stupid. They never end up affecting the people who they are supposed to influence, like the idiotic “French boycott” at the beginning of the Iraq war. Even if he does feel the pressure because of the decreased sales, what affect does a winemaker in Bordeaux have on Chirac in Paris? Are all the winemakers going to march on the Champs de Elysees screaming “Jacques!” Please send ze army to Iraq! Ze Americans aren’t buying our wine anymore!”? Of course not. And an anti-boycott on Danish products in support of offensive cartoons in a newspaper is about as convoluted as it gets. This is underlined by the fact that the only Danish product the blogs could recommend to their readers was some weird kind of fancy cheese (Harvati). And what are the cheese-makers going to do to influence the editors of the newspapers, exactly?

Nothing, is your answer. Danish cheesemakers experienced a sudden upsurge in internet mail orders from America for approximately 18 hours, before it was announced that Jyllands-Posten had issued an apology to the Muslim community for offending them. The fight was over, the Danes surrendered, and all the American neo-con fondue parties were cancelled. Another pointless Sisyphean exercise, and a loss for Western civilization.

I now feel free to return to my previous level of importing Danish goods, which was, give or take, about 0%.

Anyway, if you were offended by the Mohammed cartoons, here are some other things to offend you:

An offensive drawing, which I found on the Zombietime website:

An offensive song called “The Holy Koran.”

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