The Stepford Whores: Project Monarch and Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves

By Tracy R. Twyman

[Note: This is the unedited version of an article was originally printed in a 2001 issue of Hustler Magazine.]

In the months preceding September 11th 2001, the airwaves of cable news channels were filled with the saga of Congressman Gary Condit, and the cover-up of his affair with intern Chadra Levy. Levy disappeared on April 30, 2001 - Walpurgisnacht - the most sacred witch holiday on the calendar. Condit’s not-very-forthcoming nature on the matter, coupled with the fact that Chandra appeared to be on her way to visit him on the night she disappeared led to speculation that he was somehow involved with her kidnapping and/or death. This speculation reached a fevered pitch when bizarre details of Condit’s love life began to mount. Twenty-seven other women came forth claiming to have had extramarital relations with the Congressmen, including two women (15-years-old at the time), who claimed that he had violently raped them while still a State Assemblyman. Condit was described by one attorney involved in the case as “A serial predator of women.” One of the women, Torrie Hendley, who met the leather-clad Condit at a Harley Davidson convention, conducted an interview with The Globe tabloid newspaper in which she revealed that Condit enjoyed kinky, sado-masochistic sex, referring to his many ladies as his “sex slaves.” She also said that he insisted on using code names with these women while talking on the phone, and refused to wear condoms, stating to Ms. Hendley that “there’s a cure for AIDS, anyway.” After living through the media blitz of the Clinton impeachment, and now this, many began to wonder: Why do so many men in positions of power require lots of sex with a variety of people? And where do such men get this sense of entitlement, this attitude that they should be continually provided with a harem of sexual servants, maintained, oftentimes, at taxpayers’ expense? Few, if any journalists, however, brought up the amazing similarity between the case of Gary Condit’s “sex slaves”, and the stories of dozens of men and women who claim to have been forced into sexual slavery for the wealthy and powerful by none other than our own Central Intelligence Agency, through an offshoot of the MK-ULTRA mind control program known as Project Monarch.

It is well-known now in most literate circles, from declassified documents available through Freedom of Information Act, that the United States CIA engaged in a number of covert experiments in mind control, often on unwitting subjects, throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s as part of a program known as MK-ULTRA. Thus, for example, we have the familiar stories of soldiers in Vietnam being subjected to involuntary testing of the effects of L.S.D. and other drugs on battlefield performance. MK-ULTRA had its roots in Project Paperclip, a port-WWII operation authorized by Harry Truman, in which top scientists from Nazi Germany were smuggled into the United States to work with NASA, the military, and the intelligence community. Their newly acquired knowledge of mind control techniques had come from their experiments on prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, in which, according to experts, they learned of the effects that the calculated use of torture, drugs, hypnotism, electroshock, and sleep deprivation could have on an individual personality. According to some, the result was found to be a fragmenting of the personality into separate components which are unaware of one another, creating what is known today as “Multiple Personality Disorder”, or by the more recent, clinically-accepted term, “Dissociative Identity Disorder.” The individual personality components could then be programmed to perform certain tasks, much like a computer. According to former FBI agent and mind control expert Ted Gunderson: “It’s a combination of torture, hypnosis, drugs. And what happens is, they torture them so much, that their personality splits in order to endure the pain and misery. When their personality splits, they became another person, and it’s through this technique that they train them.” Such techniques could, says Gunderson, create Manchurian candidates, unwitting agents of espionage who could commit assassinations, spy, and courier sensitive messages against their will and without any recollection of these events.

For instance, consider the case of Candy Jones, a popular New York pin-up model who one day, suddenly recovered previously suppressed memories of having been used as a courier pigeon for the government while under hypnosis (i.e., mind control.) As most forms of hypnosis usually do, mind control training involves the use of “Neuro-Linguistic Programming”, teaching the brain to associate certain words or sounds with the performance of certain actions, both mental and physical. Under this definition, teaching your dog to “roll over” on command is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, although a more covert method would involve training him to roll over every time you said “ice cream”, and then to forget about the whole event as soon as you snap your fingers. Although clearly unethical, such practices were justified under the belief that the Soviets, America’s new arch-enemy, already possessed such covert weaponry of the mind. Former Nebraska State Sentator John DeCamp, author of the book The Franklin Cover-Up, recalls a conversation with Former CIA Diretor William Colby regarding the subject. “What he … [said] … was [that] after the Korean War, the American CIA and the American government, in fact, were very terrified. We believed that the ability of other countries, particularly China, Russia, North Korea … their ability in “brainwashing”, as it was known at the time, and mind control was developed to such a degree … you can imagine how dangerous that was, and we decided we couldn’t afford to be behind. For the very salvation of the country we had to catch up. And so millions and billions were poured into these programs … He said, “I’ll tell you one thing, John. When all is said and done, we were never behind, and we aren’t today.’”

Indeed, according to many self-proclaimed victims of mind control, we are well ahead of the game today, and most say the CIA’s motivation was never strictly “for the good of the country.” For instance, consider the rumored existence of “Project Monarch” the offshoot of MK-ULTRA designed to create legions of so-called “mind-controlled sex slaves” for use by the rich and powerful. According to conspiracy theorist Fritz Springmeier, the project was named after the butterfly of the same title. Training begins in early childhood, when, he says “Children who are traumatized have their legs tied and are electro-shocked and tortured until the alters (personalities) believe they are butterflies.” The whole program is based on the “Marionette Programming” purportedly perfected in Nazi Germany with the same aim as Monarch, in which sex slaves were created who believed themselves to be puppets (“marionettes”) controlled by cruel masters. The value of a mind-controlled sex slave is multi-faceted. For one thing, they can be used to satisfy the perversions of people in positions of power without jeopardizing that power, as a person under mind control is not likely expose the event to public scrutiny. Furthermore, these encounters can be videotaped for the purpose of blackmailing public officials and businessmen should they at any time step out of line, or do anything to endanger the intelligence community’s global plan. (Most people who purport the existence of Project Monarch believe in that the CIA is under the control of the Illuminati “New World Order” conspiracy of global domination.) Then there is the financial aspect. A sex slave can be prostituted from infancy on to wealthy individuals who will pay large wads (no pun intended) for the experience. They can also be used in child pornography to be sold on the global market. Many Monarch “survivors” claim that unwanted, expendable sex slaves are picked to star in the most controversial pictures of all - snuff films, the existence of which has yet to be proven according to the FBI. The slaves are also, say the stories, used as drug mules for the CIA’s secret trafficking of illegal substances. The money derived from these black market transactions of drugs and sex is used, they say, to fund the CIA’s many top secret and under-budgeted black operations, as well as to line the pockets of the perpetrators. Potential slaves are chosen who have shown a genetic propensity for suggestibility, hypnotizability, dissociation, and high intelligence. In the past ten years or so, a number of these so-called “survivors” have “recovered” their memories and come forward about their past abuse at the hands of the government. Many have written books, such as Brice Taylor’s Thanks for the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free, Annie McKenna’s Paperclip Dolls, and Cathy O’Brien’s The Trance-Formation of America. Of these, Cathy O’Brien is perhaps the most well-known.

It’s hard to think of a catchier opening line for a chapter than one that includes the words, “substituting his penis for my mother’s nipple”, and Cathy couldn’t think of a better one either as she described how her “pedophile” father, Earl O’Brien, first began to train her sexually. Cathy claims to have come from a family of multi-generational incest, where Daddy abused all of the kids, and all of the kids abused each other. Growing up in Muskegon, Michigan, a “pedophile capital”, according to Cathy, it wasn’t long before Cathy’s father was whoring her around for use in lucrative child pornography. Soon, Mr. O’Brien had been caught, but instead of going to jail, he was visited, says Cathy, by future President Gerald Ford, who offered him a deal: sell Cathy into the Monarch program, and receive immunity from prosecution. They had good reason to seek Cathy out because, she says, “…they knew that any child that was sexually abused to that extent would be suffering from this dissociative disorder that they were interested in targeting for mind control.”

And so her formal Monarch training began. “Not long after that “, she writes in her book, “my father was flown to Boston for a two-week course at Harvard on how to raise me for …Project Monarch.” From then on, Cathy was prostituted to a long list of high-ranking individuals, such as Michigan State Senator Guy VanderJagt, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd (who later became her “owner” or “controller), and the aforementioned Gerald Ford. She says she was forced to engage in all sorts of strange perversion, from having sex with dogs to waving a small American flag with her rectum. This, coupled with her father’s constant abuse and torture, kept her in a constant state of dissociation. She was controlled with form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming popular with Monarch slaves, which involved the use of themes from The Wizard of Oz, and various Disney children’s films. She was taught to go into another dimension “over the rainbow” whenever the pain of the abuse became to much to bear, and to identify with Cinderella when her father assigned her a strict daily regimen of household chores, which was part of her programming to break her in to slavery. The hallucinogenic and multi-dimensional themes of Alice in Wonderland were also quite extensively used. This was done, not just to Cathy, but to all her brothers and sisters as well, who were also being used in the program. As she writes in her book, “My brother, now 37, remains psychologically locked into those traumatic childhood years and is obsessed with Disney themes and productions to this day. His house is decorated in Disney memorabilia, he wears Disney clothes, listens to my father’s instructions on a Disney telephone, and maintains “When You Wish Upon a Star” as his favorite song, which has locked his children into the same theme.” The Disney programming claim is one made by almost every “recovered” Monarch slave, although it’s difficult to determine whether these claims began to surface before or after the publication of Cathy’s book. For example, a number of them say that they were taken to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, where they were placed in electrified “Tinkerbelle” cages, and tortured into creating child alters that would, like Peter Pan, never grow up.

However, Cathy did grow up, and although supposedly subjected to daily sexual abuse and torture, managed to maintain an “A” average throughout her scholastic career, “because when trauma occurs that’s too horrible to comprehend”, says Cathy, “the brain automatically goes into its own mode, and photographically records events surrounding the trauma … Since I was being traumatized all the time, I was photographically recording what I was being taught in school. So I got excellent grades.” Throughout her childhood, she was isolated from society and popular culture, with the exception of the Disney movies previously mentioned, and an excessive exposure to country music. According to Cathy, the country music scene is heavily infiltrated by Monarch operatives, because the tours they travel in throughout North America easily facilitate the trade of slaves and drugs.

When Cathy got older, she was married off by “The Company” to Wayne Cox, who fathered her daughter, Kelly (also a mind-controlled sex slave.) Later she was married a second time to country music MC Alex Houston. Concurrently, she was also symbolically married to Senator Robert Byrd, who became her “controller”, and largely dictated the events of her life from then on. She was sent to a sex slave training camp called “Charm School”, directed, she says, by Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh and Congressman Jim Trafficant. After she graduated, she became a so-called “Presidential Model’, and was used to satisfy the sadistic sexual needs of executive-level members of government. From that point forward, the “Who’s Who” list of johns she serviced became exponentially more impressive. She was nearly chocked to death a number of times by Dick Cheney’s enormous penis, and violently raped by both Cheney and George Bush Sr., after being chased through the woods in a form of human hunting called “The Most Dangerous Game.” She serviced both Bill and Hillary Clinton while the former was still Governor of Arkansas. She drove Hillary into a fit of ecstasy with the “Witch’s Face” that her handlers had carved into her vagina which, says Cathy, “can give men pleasure”, much like ribbed condoms do for women. “Apparently aroused by the carving in my vagina”, writes Cathy, “Hillary stood up and quickly peeled out of her matronly nylon panties and pantyhose. Uninhibited despite a long day in the hot sun, she gasped, ‘Eat me, oh God, eat me now.’”

Cathy even claims that Hustler’s Larry Flynt was part of the conspiracy, and hired a photographer named Jimmy Walker to take pornographic pictures of her wedding night with Alex Houston, then had the photos published in one of his magazines. Writes Cathy, “Flynt was unequivocally the official White House Pornographer. [He] maintained … New World Order colleagues such as Presidents Reagan, Bush, and Ford, CIA Director Bill Casey, U.N. Ambassador Madeleine Albright, Senators Byrd and Spector, Congressmen Trafficant and VanderJagt, Governors Thornburgh, Blanchard, and Alexander, and various world leaders such as Prime Minister of Canada Mulroney, President of Mexico de la Madrid, and Saudi Arabian King Fahd … to name a few.” All of these people, by the way, are on Cathy’s list of sexual assailants as well. And another thing. Cathy O’Brien (as well as Brice Taylor, and a number of other proclaimed “Presidential Models”) say that none of their high-ranking rapists ever used a condom, because both they and the Presidential Models had been inoculated against all sexually transmitted diseases. Says Cathy, “there was quite a bit of confidence surrounding the fact, and it was a known fact, that since I was used on a White House/Pentagon level … they would not get AIDS from me, because I was ‘clean.’ That was the term used.”

And what was it that Gary Condit reportedly said to Torrie Hendley? “There’s a cure for AIDS, anyway.”

One of the consistencies that runs through almost all of the personal testimonies of the self-proclaimed Monarch victims is the use of the occult and Satanism as a “trauma base.” Cathy O’Brien vividly describes the “Rite to Remain Silent” she endured at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Muskegon, a reversal of the Catholic mass in which she was doused in the blood of a freshly-slaughtered lamb and made to take an oath of secrecy. She also witnessed human sacrifices taking place at the Bohemian Grove retreat, an exclusive club for global movers and shakers, who meet on a private island every year in secret, dress up in funny costumes and indulge in their most extreme perversions with mind-controlled “Stepford Whores” like Cathy, much like the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut. Brice Taylor (who claims to have bedded down every President except since Carter) also says that she experienced ritual trauma throughout her abuse, including human sacrifices, anti-Christian night services at otherwise Christian churches, being buried alive in a coffin, and being hung upon a cross. Annie McKenna has recovered numerous memories, she says, of her Monarch-trained family donning dark hoods, chanting, and performing strange rites in graveyards. Even her own children, the first of which she had at age 11, were sacrifice to the blood cult. Writes McKenna, “The ritual abuse served two purposes. First, it exposed a child to horrific trauma, which caused the child to dissociate and create alters. Secondly, the belief was that if we ever did remember, the ritual abuse memories would surface first, and the medical community and public would label us insane.”

The claims of mind control and Monarch programming are just the latest details to be grafted on to the tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse (or SRA) that began to surface in the early 1980s. Although now largely discredited by the mental health establishment, SRA has long been a pervasive urban myth, if nothing else. Many groups, several of them affiliated with Protestant churches, believe in a large conspiracy of Satanists that spans the globe, and which controls the drug and child pornography industry (i.e., the Mafia), as well as, to the view of many, the government (i.e., the “Illuminati.) They believe that these people engage in the large-scale abduction and abuse of thousands of children for use in their sick, sadistic, Satanic sexual rituals, and the pornographic documentation thereof. When not from “multi-generational Satanic families”, like Taylor’s and O’Brien’s, where their parents willingly submit them to the Monarch program, children are supposedly snatched off the streets - the familiar milk carton kids. According to the lore, the conspirators even infiltrate pre-schools and day care centers to access children there.

Ted Gunderson has personally investigated the famous McMartin Pre-School SRA case, even going so far as to hire an archeologist to dig for underground tunnels reported by the children. The children reported that in these tunnels they were subjected to sexual abuse, animal sacrifices, and Disney-based mind control programming by, among others, Steve Garvey, Chuck Norris, and Raymond Buckey, the school’s owner. Gunderson claims, “we found the tunnels under the school. … We found 2000 animal bones …” Gunderson believes wholeheartedly that, “The Satanic cult movement dovetails with U.S. intelligence … in addition to being involved in … kidnapping, they were taking kids out of Boy’s Town, and out of foster homes and orphanages, and flying them … to Washington, D.C. for sex orgy parties with congressmen and senators. Barney Frank … [has] been identified by the kids, and George Bush Sr. has been at the parties while he was Vice-President. …[We’re] talking about a large-scale pedophile ring, and a large-scale kidnapping ring … known as “The Finders.” It’s a CIA covert operation running out of Washington, D.C. … that’s just a cover name for finding children…”

“The Finders” and Project Monarch were implicated in Nebraska’s “Franklin Cover-Up”, also investigated by Gunderson, and by Franklin Cover-Up author, former State Senator John DeCamp. In a civil case against 16 people, including Laurence E. King (manager of the failed Franklin Savings and Loan), Harold Anderson (publisher of the Omaha World Herald), and the Omaha Police Department, plaintiff Paul Bonnaci was awarded $1 million by U.S. District Court Judge Warren Urbom in February 1999. In reference to King, the Judge found that he had “continually subjected the plaintiff to repeated sexual assault, false imprisonment, infliction of extreme emotional distress, organized and directed Satanic rituals, forced the plaintiff to ‘scavenge’ for children to be part of the defendant King’s sexual abuse and pornography ring, forced the plaintiff to engage in numerous sexual contacts with the defendant King and others, and participate in deviant sexual games and masochistic orgies with minor children.” Bonacci testified that he was flown on hundreds of trips to Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Chicago, Minnesota, and Los Angeles, where he was taken to “thousands” of pedophilic and sado-masochistic parties, drugged, and prostituted to the rich and powerful. Bonacci admits to participating in the kidnapping of then-12-year-old paper boy Johnny Gosch in Des Moines, Iowa, a story profiled extensively on America’s Most Wanted and a number of other television programs. Johnny’s mother, Noreen Gosch is convinced that Bonacci is telling the truth, and is also convinced that her son was kidnapped by joint intelligence-organized crime elements involved in Project Monarch. Says Noreen, “[Bonacci] told us that he was put into Monarch training at a very young age, right at Offutt Air Force Base … Johnny … was put through the same training …” In 1999, Johnny Gosch, a grown man at that point, came to visit his mother’s house for a brief, covert visit in the middle of the night. “He told me that he had been subjected to mind control … and that his job was to compromise politicians, and any VIP that they felt they wanted to do that to … He only mentioned the Satanic rituals briefly.”

One of the accused perpetrators who has been implicated by both Noreen Gosch, Paul Bonacci, Cathy O’Brien, and a whole host of other “Monarch victims” is Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a former Green Beret and senior U.S. military intelligence officer once involved in the study of “PSY-OPS”, or psychological warfare - in other words, mind control. He wrote an extensive essay with Colonel Paul E. Vallely (a Fox News Channel analyst) called “From PSY-OP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory.” In this essay, the authors advocated the use of propaganda, subliminal messages, air ionization, and ELF waves (i.e., putting low frequency signals in TV and radio broadcasts to induce specific states of mind) in times of war, both on the enemy, and on our own home population, in order to manipulate public opinion of the war. There’s another interesting fact about Micheal Aquino: He just happens to the leader and founder of the Temple of Set, a splinter group of the Church of Satan, which Aquino was once a ranking member of, and spokesman for. The Temple of Set now has a number of chapters that operate on military bases. Interestingly, this group’s rituals often involve Nazi symbols and rhetoric, and Aquino once did a ritual at Heinrich Himmler’s castle of Wewelsberg while in Germany on “official NATO business.”

Predictably, this has caused no shortage of controversy to surround Michael Aquino. In the late 1980s, a Satanic Ritual Abuse/Child Sexual Abuse scandal broke out at a day care center on the Presidio military base in San Francisco, where Aquino was stationed. The children identified Aquino, as well as a Baptist Minister named Gary Hambright, who was indicted but not convicted. These kids claimed that the people who molested them were part of a “devil worship club”, and were able to describe the inside of Aquino’s house, where the abuse was said to have taken place. Other children identified Aquino by his nickname, “Mikey”, although Anton LaVey claims that Aquino’s nickname was actually “Mickey” because his peculiar haircut made him look like Mickey Mouse (yet another Disney connection.) Although Aquino was never indicted, and the charges against Hambright were dropped, several of the children contracted STDs, proving that someone had abused them. Later, after Hambright died of AIDS, the U.S. Army wrote to the children’s parents urging them to get their children tested for HIV. They also paid a multi-million-dollar settlement to the victims. Furthermore, Aquino was “Titled” by the U.S. Army for “indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing”, which means that they had probable cause to believe the offenses had been committed.

According to many, the incident at Presidio was an outgrowth of Project Monarch, and these people believe Aquino to be integrally involved in the program. Paul Bonacci has identified Aquino as the one who ordered the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch, and says that Aquino had a “ranch” in Colorado that was a safe house for kidnapped children. Rusty Nelson, a photographer for the Franklin Cover-Up’s Lawrence King, and a convicted child pornographer, testified before a U.S. District Court on February 5 that he witnessed a suitcase full of cash being handed over to by King to Aquino that was “earmarked for the Nicaraguan Contras.” Also, a number of mind-controlled sex slaves, including Cathy O’Brien, have listed Aquino as one of their “handlers.” However, when questioned about these allegations, Aquino responded: “Throughout my entire career as an Army officer (1968-94), I never encountered any evidence of anything named or resembling ‘Project Monarch’, never participated in anything involving children [or adult] ‘sex slaves’, never abused any children under any circumstances whatever, and never had any contact with any of the cranks who’ve thrown my name around with ‘Monarch.’”

The charges against Aquino perhaps lose credibility when we consider that many of the people who have made these claims have also implicated a so-called “Michael LaVey”, who they say is one of Anton LaVey’s sons. Noreen Gosch says that Michael LaVey was interviewed on a 20/20 special about her son’s kidnapping, in which, according to her, “LaVey said that he had been with Johnny on many occasions at the Satanic ritual ceremonies, where they serviced different men for their owners.” Unfortunately for Noreen, no independent confirmation has surfaced that Anton had any son by that name. The late Anton LaVey himself has been implicated as a Project Monarch participant by a handful of people, such as Noreen Gosch, but not in any specific way. However, it is interesting to note that LaVey did consider Disneyland to be one of the happiest places on Earth, and his daughter Zeena listed the 1950s thriller “The Most Dangerous Game” as her favorite movie.

The process of deprogramming a presumed victim of Project Monarch - identifiable by abnormally wide eyes (from the electroshock), odd-looking facial moles (caused by stun guns), a plastic smile, and generally robotic behavior - is a strange and controversial one. Since slaves are programmed to self-destruct if they should ever find themselves talking about their memories, therapists wishing to override these programs must be armed with the corresponding deactivation codes. Mark Phillips, who “rescued” Cathy O’Brien from mind control, and co-authored The Trance-formation of America, describes the process of deprogramming her: “I had to know certain codes, keys and triggers. I had to, and I was provided a few of those”, by he says, covert communications from friends in the intelligence community. Thereafter, Cathy began to recover memories through extensive journal-writing practices. Brice Taylor used a similar method, with the journal-writing replaced by collage-making using pictures cut out of magazines. Others use the more dubious methods of hypnosis, and similar New Age techniques to unlock memories supposedly repressed with programmed amnesia. Hypno-therapists such as D.C. Hammond, PhD., and Pamela J. Monday, PhD report discovering complex, multi-layered systems of programming that even take geometric shapes, such as pentagrams, hexagrams, or the Qaballistic Tree of Life, complete with internal “landscapes” that have “mountains”, “castles”, and the like. Programs are guarded by “gatekeepers” with gothic, diabolical-sounding names, and different letters of programming are coded with letters from the Greek alphabet. For instance, Alpha is general programming, Beta involves sexual programming, Delta programming holds instructions for how to kill during ceremonies, Theta includes “psychic killing”, and Omega involves suicidal, “self-destruct” programming, as well as self-mutilation. Zeta programming is related to the production of snuff films, and Omicron has to do with drug smuggling.

However, many mental health professionals cast doubt on the techniques used by hypno-therapists, charging that such practices create rather than recover memories, and so do the people who are accused of heinous crimes on the evidence of “recovered memories.” They are represented by an organization called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation, whose spokesperson, Pamela Freyd, questions the motives of those who are, “using hypnosis, guided imagery, sodium amytal, relaxation exercise, participation in groups, reading suggestive literature and other techniques in an effort to excavate memories. Although people may remember things with any of these techniques, there is absolutely no evidence that what they remember is historically accurate.” She also questions the validity of multiple personalities in general, stating that, “Many in the psychiatric community believe that MPD is iatrogenic, that is, caused by the use of hypnosis and the type of interviewing techniques of the doctor.”

Confirming the validity of another person’s memory is nearly impossible, especially if every other person involved in the memory denies that it took place. However, it may perhaps be unfair to label as “impossible” or “ridiculous” the memories of other people which merely lie beyond the spectrum of our own experience. Many of us received religious indoctrination from our family as we grew up, and were forced to participate in weird ceremonies that made us uncomfortable. Isn’t it logical that if our parents were Satanists or occultists, they might subject us to similar indoctrination? And since Satanic and occult practices purportedly bestow worldly power upon their practitioners, isn’t it logical that some of our most powerful leaders might participate in such practices? Isn’t it logical that they would make use of occult-based mind control techniques such as hypnotism, ritual, mind-altering drugs, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (i.e., rote memorization of “magic words”) - techniques that have been traditional components of religious ceremony, from the mystical priesthoods of Babylon, Greece, Rome and Egypt to the “cults” of today. The CIA’s interest in mind control is well-documented, and there was certainly a time, at least, in which they had no compunction about subjecting unwitting subjects to experiments that might harm them, or go against their intended will. The idea that the CIA would traffic in guns, drugs and other contraband in order to fund their secret projects is becoming more generally accepted, especially after The San Francisco Chronicle’s Gary Webb investigated the funding of Contra aid in 1996.

Furthermore, we know that men in positions of power often require a greater-than-average number of sexual partners, often choosing extremely young women (or men), sometimes prostitutes, to satisfy their often unusually kinky desires. Perhaps this is just a result of the greater-than-average testosterone levels often found in aggressive power-seekers. That the CIA would supply these prostitutes in exchange for their much-needed Black Ops funding, and that they would keep these prostitutes mind-controlled into silence using the above-mentioned techniques, so as to cover their own hides, may not be impossible to believe. Perhaps what people do find unbelievable is the sheer sensationalism of so many of the “Project Monarch” stories. The mental picture of George Bush, Sr. sodomizing a seven-year-old boy, or of Bill Clinton participating in cannibalistic baby sacrifice is not one that most people can take seriously. Even more difficult to overcome, however, is that natural disbelief that arises when a person claiming to have been under complete mental robotism and subjected to unimaginable torture throughout his or her entire life appears to “recover” so quickly after the “memories” are revealed during therapy, and goes on to write books, conduct seminars, and make radio appearances, becoming a professional victim-expert. That many of these people display the classic symptoms and body language of pathological liars does not help, nor does it help that some of them have “recovered” their memories after decades of living what appeared to others to be perfectly normal lives. Perhaps we will never know who is and who isn’t telling the truth in this matter - unless the documents that supposedly exist are one day declassified. However, the tales of Project Monarch provide an interesting framework in which to interpret current events, especially the never-ending sex scandals that perpetually crop up amongst our public figures.


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