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The Story of "Mormonism"
and The Philosophy of "Mormonism"

by Dr. James E. Talmage

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Read the early history and beliefs of the one of the most peculiar, and fastest growing, religious movements of our time, told from the point of view of another time. The Story of "Mormonism" tells the captivating biography of the movement's founder, the tumultuous tale of their westward migration, and the unending conflicts that occurred along the way. The Philosophy of "Mormonism" tackles many of the more controversial traditions of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, from polygamy, to celestial marriage, to ancestral baptism, with sensitivity and insight.

The Story of "Mormonism" is a revised and reconstructed version of lectures delivered by Dr. James E. Talmage at the University of Michigan, Cornell University, and elsewhere. The "Story" first appeared in print as a lecture report in the Improvement Era, and was afterward issued as a booklet from the office of The Millennial Star, Liverpool. In 1910 it was issued in a revised form by the Bureau of Information at Salt Lake City, in which edition the lecture style of direct address was changed to the ordinary form of essay. The third American edition was revised and amplified by the author. The "Story" has been translated and published abroad. Versions have appeared in Swedish, modern Greek, and Russian.

The subject matter of The Philosophy of "Mormonism" was first presented as a lecture delivered by Dr. Talmage before the Philosophical Society of Denver. It appeared later in the columns of the Improvement Era, and translations have been published in pamphlet form in the Danish and German languages.

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